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We went to a birthday party for Baby E and I managed to get a few pics of the little man. These guys are like family to us. Eric is good friends with my hubby and they attended boot camp together when they first joined the army. We spent five years stationed in the same places (which is pretty remarkable in the military life). Melea and I became good friends and we made our own quilting group when we were in Hawaii. Since we were all so far away from our families, we all celebrated holidays together. There was a small group of us that had moved around the same places. It made the military life a little easier to bear.

It was awesome to see them again! Thankfully for us, they’re now only an hour away in Vancouver, WA. I’m looking forward to us getting together more often.

After I uploaded the photos from the “tutus in the river” session, I knew that something needed to be done with some of the photos. I asked a few friends to help me out with ideas and my friend Charlotte Stringer came up with her version of “where the fairies live” using one of the photos. She did an awesome job!

Her photography site is;

I did my own version using a different photo. Though mine isn’t near as cool as hers, it was fun learning the techniques on how to do this. Playing around with photo art is something I strive to do more often. It’s interesting how far you can take photoshop. I’m constantly learning new things every day!

Here’s Charlotte’s…

Here’s mine…

While at a birthday party yesterday in Woodland, my son decided it would be fun to play in the dirt. Most kids will get a little dirty and run around, but my son decided to cover himself from head to toe. Along with trying to eat the dirt, he decided it would be a good idea to ‘save a little dirt for later’ by stuffing some in his pockets. I literally held him by his ankles and shook him out. I probably should have just stripped him down and hosed him off, but he thought it was pretty funny having all the dirt fly out around his head. Notice the red lip from his run in with the ground yesterday (the ground won). He’s a tough little cookie. It’s so much fun having little boys after having a girly girl. Miss K likes to get dirty, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nothing like this…

These little girls just melted my heart. Both of them had the sweetest dispositions and were so fun to be around. To top it off, both of them had the most striking eyes I’ve ever seen. Their mama is a knockout, so it’s no wonder where they got their looks. Their daddy’s gonna have to lock them in a closet once they get old enough. Those boys will be calling in no time!! Maybe I should seal the deal and arrange marriages with my boys to these girls. With parents as cool as theirs, it might be a good idea.

I’ve known the mom since we were in school together. We ran track at Kelso High. Ahhh, those were the good old days. Now I get my work outs by chasing down little kids and acting like a nut case to get them to smile at the crazy lady with a camera.

I hope you enjoy your preview!!

This beautiful couple got married on the lucky day of 8/8/08. They married at the end of St. Martin’s Dock at Lake Sacajawea here in Longview. The bride’s parents got married at the same spot more than twenty some years ago. They were such a beautiful couple and you can tell they were very much in love. The details of the wedding were absolutely gorgeous.

The reception was at the Monticello Hotel just two blocks away from the lake. They partied and danced the night away.

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