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Yup, it’s TWINS!!!

I met this beautiful family out here in Longview by the lake.  We had a great time! These little boys kept me on my toes the whole time. They were SO active. It was fun seeing how they were so different from each other. I thought I had it rough with one toddler, but I can’t imagine having TWO to chase around all the time. Their parents are quite the troopers. The boys were completely adorable. As active as they were I could tell why mom and dad were smitten with them.

I hope you enjoy the preview…

My really cool friend, Kylie, painted this picture of Miss K. I took the photo a couple of months ago and Kylie asked if she could “paint” it. She did it using photoshop. It’s amazing what that program can do. I use it for all of my photo editing and after two years of using it, I’m still learning new things with it every day. I create all of my templates, storyboards, and collages using photoshop as well.

If you’re interested in having a photo painted, just let me know and we can work it out with Kylie.

Kylie’s website is

She’s an amazing, talented gal.

Before being painted (taken by me)

After Kylie painted it:

and yes, I’m blowing this one big on canvas for the wall. It’s simply amazing!!

On Tuesday I got to meet a few kids out on the Coweeman river to do some fun shots!

We drove for about a half hour to get to the perfect spot and it turned out to be well worth it. These are the sessions where I truly love being a photographer. Not only were these kids adorable, they were really great in front of the camera. Babies and kids photography is by far my favorite. I do enjoy weddings, families, and events, but THIS is what I truly love to do.

I hope you enjoy the sneak peak….

My babies are growing so fast!! I photograph them all the time and I still can’t believe how big they get in between sessions. Miss K just turned six this last week and will start the first grade in the fall. Baby D just turned six months. Where did the time go?

I took them outside for an unplanned session in my front yard. Thankfully they all cooperated and amazingly I got a photo of them all together looking at the camera! I didn’t even have to bribe them this time.

Course I DID tell Tinker that Mickey Mouse was inside my camera…

So watcha think… any of them look like their mom??