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People ask me all the time “how on earth do you display all your photos? You must have thousands….” Actually I have hundreds of thousands (not even exaggerating). Simply put, I don’t.

I choose a canvas every year from our annual family photo session and then I also have a huge assortment of other photos that I display as canvases and framed prints. All of the other print worthy photos get put in leather bound albums and stored away. I’m not a scrap-booker so the ones that don’t get put into leather albums get put into photo boxes. I always think “some day” I’ll have time to organize them and make beautiful books for my kiddos, but realistically I’m probably just going to have dozens of boxes of photos by the time they graduate high school. I’m a busy working mama so I’m realistic in my expectations of myself when it comes to photos. Don’t even ask how far I got along with my kids’ baby books. ;) Let’s just say that I didn’t even bother buying my youngest a book because I knew it’d just be one more that I ‘failed’ at.;)

I do have to say that I’m glad I’ve taken the time to print my images and display them as best as possible. I love looking at my walls and seeing how my kiddos have all grown over the years.


This is just a small sampling of what’s on my walls. My mom might be the only one to care to see this but for some reason I wanted to share today….




I’m sorry but I just have to publicly shout out that my hubby is amazing!! Six months ago he quit his job to go to school full time (he manages Lemondrops Photography as well). He just got a 4.0 for the second quarter in a row.


CONGRATS Derrick. I love you very much and am so proud of you!!


My sweet little Hawaiian boy turned six yesterday. It’s insane how quickly the time has passed. I started my business right after he was born.  (And yes, he’s my hawaiian boy because he was born in Hawaii. We were stationed there for almost four years before my hubby got out of the military).

He loves the color red, the superhero Flash, baseball, and golf. He’s learning how to read and is amazingly gifted in math. He’s 100% in every thing he does (good or bad). I love this little guy and am so grateful to be his mama.





My sweet adorable niece was born on January 9th. Her name is Lyra and she is absolutely perfect. I’m one lucky auntie to have such cute subjects right in my own family!!!

Congrats to my brother and sister in law. You guys make GORGEOUS babies!!! :)




Seriously could these girls be any cuter???

Do you or someone you know desperately want family photos but haven’t been able to afford them?? Did someone remarry and hasn’t had a chance to have new family photos? Is there a high school senior who works so incredibly hard and deserves a break?? Did someone get married a long time ago and never have any wedding pics? Did someone battle cancer and WIN?

I want to hear your stories!!

I know during difficult times photos are often the last things we think of spending money on, but yet it’s during tough times that we realize how important our family truly is. Photos are how we are able to freeze moments in time, how we’re able to remember our little babies being so small. Photos are how we can better remember certain times in our lives.

So without making things too complicated, please send me an email nominating someone you think deserves a free session. The person who I select will get a signature session plus $500 in prints and/or digital files.

I will accept emails until March 1st.  The only thing I require is a note explaining why a person or family should have beautiful photos. I will more than likely share the stories, so please nominate someone who would be willing to participate.

My email is


Please feel free to pass along this info. I want to give back to someone who truly deserves it.