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Yup, I’ve finally reached my thirties. Yesterday was the big 30th birthday. I had all these crazy goals that I wanted to hit before I turned thirty. Miraculously I met most of them. My biggest goal was to be able to run around the lake without stopping or walking (it’s about 3.5 miles). I finally accomplished it just two days before my birthday. I also had a goal of losing fifteen pounds before I turned thirty. I came close and lost ten. I started working out four months ago after my husband told me I needed to get a hobby other than photography (ironic, i know). So I joined a gym and started “Boot Camp.” It seriously rocks my socks off and I now absolutely love working out. I feel better than I have in ten years and I am up to doing 64 pushups in a row. And no, these are the REAL push ups. No girly stuff for me. ;) It’s been so fun to accomplish goals and do things I didn’t think I could do.

So that’s me turning thirty. I’m cool with it all. :)

Today is Declan’s fourth birthday. I seriously cannot believe he is four. He was JUST born yesterday, wasn’t he??? We had an all green birthday party for him. He only wears green colored clothing and loves all things green. It was based around green lantern, but mommy went all out and had green cake, green chips, green veggies, etc, etc. It was a very fun time!! Today he took cupcakes to school and was so proud to finally be one of the “big four year olds.” I love that little guy. He’s the comedian in the family and no matter how stressful a day has been, he keeps us laughing. He is totally awesome and I’m grateful that I can be his mama.

So here’s the latest pic of me. My daughter says I look mysterious and  like I’m ‘up to no good’ in this photo. Oh well, I don’t have many photos of me since I’m behind the camera most of the time. I was setting up for a session and did some self portraits to test light. All of the smiling ones were HORRID so this is the best I’ve got for now. :P

And my sweet mister D. I love him so very much and he makes me smile constantly!!!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!

(Family photos by the amazingly talented Amber Anderson of Amber Anderson Photography. )

Just a few of my absolute favorite subjects in their Halloween costumes. They actually enjoyed getting their photos taken this time since they got to be fierce ninjas.

They’re still recovering from the sugar induced candy coma from yesterday. Between class parties and trick or treating it was a GOOD day to be a kid.

Hope everyone had a fantabulous fun day yesterday!!

my sweet angels. LOL.

The kids are back to school and fall is in full swing around here. Mr. Lemondrops starts college on Monday so things will change just a little bit around here. I will be taking on more evening and weekend sessions to accommodate for the shift in our family life. Good news for you guys though!!! Evenings and weekends tend to book up first so my availability will be better for all of you  daytime working folks. My during the day sessions will be very limited, however. My September calendar is completely filled up, but I do have three spots left for October. As you know our weather starts shifting around the end of October so if you’re thinking senior portraits or fun family portraits call me soon to get you a spot!!!

And because I’m biased and I think my kids are oh so cute;

Here’s snaps of my babies on the first day of school….

Meet Sydney.

She is our newest addition to the family. We debated on having a fourth child, but decided that a puppy is just perfect for our family. My kids’ first names start with the letters K.I.D (in that order) and I always said I’d have an “S” if we had a fourth baby, so hence the name Sydney. Well, that and she’s a toy Australian Shepherd, so it was just perfect.

She is nine and a half weeks old today. We’re in the potty training/chewing phase, but we love every minute of it (well, almost every minute of it. LOL).

In other news: My hubby has officially quit his day job and is going to school full time starting in two weeks. Our family will have a college student, a 4th grader, a Kindergartner, and a preschooler. It’s gonna be crazy around here for the next few years but we’re super excited for the transition. We’ve planned on this for many years and it’s finally all come into place. I will be resuming work as usual. I’ll probably take on a bit more sessions here and there but business will still be very much the same. I’ve been so incredibly blessed to be as busy as I am. There are many many photographers out there and I’m so grateful when I am chosen to be the photographer for my client’s important milestones.

I am grateful and blessed beyond words.

Without further ado, here’s the new baby….