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GAH. I loved everything about this wedding. From the quaint location to the beautiful couple. They joined their families together and it was absolute perfection.

Here’s a few favorites from their special day….

From an incredibly gorgeous wedding at Mt. Hood Bed and Breakfast. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever photographed at. I hope I can do more there from now on.


Here’s some favorites from Julie and Mike’s wedding…..

I’m a terrible blogger (too busy these days to catch up!!) but I wanted to share this incredible anniversary session I did in Hawaii on the island of Oahu!


We did the session on the day of their ten year anniversary. <3 They had always wanted to go back to the island and do a “trash the dress” session. To actually follow through with their plans is absolutely incredible!!! I was completely honored when they asked me to me them their for their photo session. These two are so much in love and we had an absolute blast traveling around taking photos. We started out at sunset on the beach at the North shore and ended up photographing till midnight on the streets of Waikiki. It was absolutely INCREDIBLE. ┬áNot gonna lie, I wish I could do sessions like these all the time!!






(and random scenics just because….)


I can’t even believe how much time flies. How many incredible people I’ve photographed over the past several months. TONS of weddings, families, engagements, seniors. I’ve put a lot of hours, blood, sweat and tears into my work.


Every time I get ready to post another blog post, it forces me to look at my work as a whole rather than going from session to session trying to make a living and making my clients happy. I photograph ALL sorts of sessions and do all the normal posey posed stuff just like every other photographer.

This post is going to be a bit different.

These images are MY personal favorites. The images that make my heart sing. The images that I’m proud of. These are the images that I wish were hung huge on my client’s walls. ┬áSome of them just make me laugh. I like to create art that stirs something in someone. I want to make you laugh, smile, or even cry.

My favorites are almost always different than the ones my clients pick and that’s okay. That’s why I overwhelm them with a ton to choose from.


So here’s a bit about me and what I love through my photographs….









From the moment I met Sarah and Chris I knew their wedding day would be absolutely perfect. They both seemed to enjoy each others’ company and were so incredibly in love. I blogged their engagement session several months back. I knew their actual wedding day would be one of my favorites of the year, and I was so right!! Every detail was absolute perfection.

Their amazing wedding was coordinated by Weddings and Events by Muse. One of the BEST coordinators I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their big day….