I can’t even believe how much time flies. How many incredible people I’ve photographed over the past several months. TONS of weddings, families, engagements, seniors. I’ve put a lot of hours, blood, sweat and tears into my work.


Every time I get ready to post another blog post, it forces me to look at my work as a whole rather than going from session to session trying to make a living and making my clients happy. I photograph ALL sorts of sessions and do all the normal posey posed stuff just like every other photographer.

This post is going to be a bit different.

These images are MY personal favorites. The images that make my heart sing. The images that I’m proud of. These are the images that I wish were hung huge on my client’s walls. ┬áSome of them just make me laugh. I like to create art that stirs something in someone. I want to make you laugh, smile, or even cry.

My favorites are almost always different than the ones my clients pick and that’s okay. That’s why I overwhelm them with a ton to choose from.


So here’s a bit about me and what I love through my photographs….