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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who supports my business. I am truly grateful for those who enjoy my work. I also appreciate the encouragement you have all given me. Businesses don’t survive without customers and I have to say that I’ve had some of the greatest folks to work with (not to mention the most gorgeous families and kids I’ve ever seen!!)

So yeah… I don’t mean to make this all mushy and stuff, but thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I met this little guy at Longview Community Church right across from Lake Sacajawea. He was such a doll and had a fun personality.  He warmed right up and gave me a ton of great smiles. He’s at that busy age of fifteen months where he wants to run and explore everything. I bet he keeps his parents on their toes!

These sessions are when I truly enjoy photography. It’s so much fun to try and capture the personality of a little one. It’s really rewarding being able to photograph a real smile. Thanks to the mom and dad for letting me capture this time in little “J”‘s life.

I hope you enjoy the preview!

I met these cute little guys at the park for a quick session. These handsome little ones are the best buds of my two boys. Their parents and us have already decided they’re going to play ball together in a few years. It’s so much fun watching these kids. Little T is younger than my Mr. D and he’s already sitting up! He’s so advanced for his age.

They both have so much personality as you can see from “D” in picture number two. He was hilarious to photograph.  That kid can get a laugh out of anyone!

Here’s your preview.. I hope you enjoy it!

Mr. D is now seven months old. He’s almost crawling already. He scoots himself all over the floor and rolls around to get to where he wants to be. He tries so hard to sit up, but he has such a big head that I think he can’t quite balance it yet (a trait of my kids is having large heads, must be a Lemmons thing). He’s also teething, so hence the drool. I kinda think it’s cute, but I often have “mommy goggles” when it comes to my kids.

Special request from my daddy… Miss K as a butterfly!!

It’s Saturday morning and in-between diaper changes and my kiddos watching cartoons, I’m making art! One of my friends told me that I’d start making every picture into a fantasy picture and she was right. This is way too much fun. I’m sure I should be doing my dishes, but eh… oh well. I guess they’ll eventually get done, right?