We went to a birthday party for Baby E and I managed to get a few pics of the little man. These guys are like family to us. Eric is good friends with my hubby and they attended boot camp together when they first joined the army. We spent five years stationed in the same places (which is pretty remarkable in the military life). Melea and I became good friends and we made our own quilting group when we were in Hawaii. Since we were all so far away from our families, we all celebrated holidays together. There was a small group of us that had moved around the same places. It made the military life a little easier to bear.

It was awesome to see them again! Thankfully for us, they’re now only an hour away in Vancouver, WA. I’m looking forward to us getting together more often.

  • Melea Bauer

    Good job jenica! I know he was a difficult client to work with, but his serious face is still beautiful!

  • What a cute little guy! Fantastic Jenica! Happy Birthday Mister E.! 🙂

  • Ann

    These pictures are so precious. I see a little smile in the first family picture! The pictures sure make ME smile. 🙂 What a darling family.