These little girls just melted my heart. Both of them had the sweetest dispositions and were so fun to be around. To top it off, both of them had the most striking eyes I’ve ever seen. Their mama is a knockout, so it’s no wonder where they got their looks. Their daddy’s gonna have to lock them in a closet once they get old enough. Those boys will be calling in no time!! Maybe I should seal the deal and arrange marriages with my boys to these girls. With parents as cool as theirs, it might be a good idea.

I’ve known the mom since we were in school together. We ran track at Kelso High. Ahhh, those were the good old days. Now I get my work outs by chasing down little kids and acting like a nut case to get them to smile at the crazy lady with a camera.

I hope you enjoy your preview!!

  • Lee (proud aunt and SIL)

    Gorgeous photos of my favorite people in the world! I can’t wait to see them all – they are wonderful!

  • It’s a tough call – of course, it’s all about the kids.

    Good thing God made memories that forget. That way Tom and Felicia won’t have to go around thinking “It’ll never be this good again…”

  • Fle and Tom-

    You have the most gorgeous family! I miss that GREEN Washington, and I miss you guys even more. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs.
    Claire’s hair is really cute; getting long. Miss Margot has adorable eyes! Give them hugs from me!


  • These are absolutely incredible photographs. I wish we had someone around us that had such talent. I love that the poses are natural. The girls definitley have goregous eyes! Priceless!

  • Each session of Jenica’s I am even more amazed b her talent! I can’t wait until she does my son’s 6 month pictures.

    This family is absolutely gorgeous. These pictures are beautiful.

  • The girls are absolutely gorgeous! Excellent pictures!

  • Beautiful pictures!! You guys look GREAT!!

  • You took such beautiful pictures of my grandchildren– I am looking forward to seeing the rest!!! I hope to get my other grandchildren over to you soon :)

  • Aww… Fle. You are so beautiful. I can’t believe how grown up C is. And M has teeth!! And Fle you look fab, as usual. Wow! I love how you and C have a special connection in the first photo! T, you look v. nice too. ;) We love you and miss you, little B family. Hugs!!

  • Ps. M is displaying a classic Fle face in her grinning shot! I have photos of you looking EXACTLY the same… with teeth and hair of course. Too fun!

  • Amazing photos Jenica. This family is very special to our family; we love them like our own. You did an outstanding job capturing those beautiful “Precious Moments” eyes.

  • Gorgous pictures. Gorgous family!

  • Outstanding!

  • You guys, these are SO cute! What precious little babies you’ve been entrusted with. If I had to pick, it would be 4, 5 and 6 except then I don’t see the grownups! Boo hoo! Oh, shine, I like them all. Anyway– DARLING. Thanks for sharing!

  • Grandma Greta & Grandpa OB

    Angelic, Attractive, Beauteous, Belle, Blithe, Bonny, Charming, Choice, Comely, Cute, Delicate, Elegant, Elite, Exquisite, Fair, Fine, Freely, Gorgeous, Graceful, Handsome, Lovely, Personable, Poetic, Pretty, Radiant, Ravishing, Splendid, Stunning. What more can I say?

  • Enjoy your gift from God – your family / each other. Your photographer did an amazing job capturing each of you in a wonderful way. What treasures she has given you.

  • What great photos!! You guys are such a sweet family. I hope to see one or more of the pictures in the mail so we can display it in our home.

  • Beautiful Pictures! I can’t pick out a favorite, there’re all wonderful.

  • Amazing photos as usual Jenica! However, your subjects are just too stinkin’ cute. Almost makes me want to start making babies soon…I laughed aloud at the baby smiling. Beautiful girls!

  • Travis and Amy

    Wow, put them on the cover of the next issue of Parenting! I think Peter is in love with Claire and he’s jealous of Margo’s two front teeth, his are just pokin in.

  • You guys look terrific! These photos are amazing.

    I can’t believe your Claire is so big! She’s still got those stunner eyes she had as a little one.

    Our Claire will be here in about a month. You guys should move back to Mass and we can let them play together!

  • Cutest little kids ever! They seem like they are so good with the camera too.

  • These pictures are RAD! I love you Fle and your beautiful family.

  • Wow the pictures are amazing! The girls look beautiful- I can’t believe how big they are getting! We miss you guys!

  • So beautiful! The pictures are so cute they make my eyes water a little!

  • Wow! Great pictures and you look so happy! If you are ever up north, give us a ring.