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I wanted to give a quick sneak peak of the wedding from last Saturday, October 25th, 2008. The wedding took place at the Red Lion Hotel here in Kelso, WA. It was absolutely gorgeous and the bride and groom are such a beautiful couple. We did the formal photos out at Tam-O-Shanter park.

I will post more on Monday, but I gotta take my kiddos trick or treating tonight. Getting Mr. I into his costume without crying is gonna be a difficult task 😉 Poor little kid is afraid of his own costume. I should have made him a bunny instead of a lion, I guess.

Here’s a couple to tide you over till Monday….

hanson fitch wedding

hanson fitch wedding

hanson fitch wedding

hanson fitch wedding

nose to nose

So a lot of you who know my son, know that he is the most difficult child to photograph. He’s two, going on three here in March and I have maybe three decent smiling pics of him from the last year. Well, friday night he decided that for a split second he would look straight into the camera and give mom a really nice smile.

He’s going through one of those two year old phases where everything is “no” and “I don’t want to.” My sister who babysits him while I work has to deal with his uncooperative behavior a few times a week. It’s a tough time and I’m hoping he grows out of it. Between that and the tantrums, he’s gonna cause me some grey hairs. Though when he says things like “I’m sorry mama…” it melts my heart and turns me into a big pile of mush. He can be the sweetest little boy and at the same time be the biggest stinker. I love him sooooo very much…

my two year old

This little guy melted my heart. He was ALL boy and a fun little guy at that. He automatically went towards the dirt as soon as we got to the park. It was so cute!! Here he was surrounded by all sorts of slides and swings and he just wanted to play in the dirt. His mom was totally relaxed and just let him do his thing. It was the perfect lifestyle session. I got a few smiles out of him, but for the most part he was a pretty focused, serious guy.

We met up at Horseshoe Lake park in Woodland, WA. I love this location. It’s perfect for all sorts of sessions. They have the water, the park area, a field, and plenty of trees. It’s also close to downtown so it’s easy to do “urban” sessions as well.

Hope you enjoy the preview…

Check out these gorgeous blue eyes!!!

14month old session

toddler walking

toddler having fun

E little toddler session

this one completely cracks me up. Check out that face!!!!

mom and baby

playing in dirt at park

toddler clapping

toddler session

looking into the water

little guy running

boy walking with the ducks

and a very fitting storyboard…. (I LOVE this one)

little boy storyboard

So a photography forum I belong to challenged everyone to take a “normal” photo of themselves (no photoshopping, altering, etc. allowed). I didn’t zap my zits, I didn’t reduce any under-eye puffyness or reduce the black. I didn’t do my hair (well, I never really do my hair so that’s totally normal of me).

I DID turn them black and white just because it was a little cooler that way. These look so Myspaceish though. See look… I made up a new word.

*Myspaceish is defined as a “self portrait” done in a mirror complete with funny looks and fake smiles.

So here I am in all my baggy eyed, tired looking, pony tail wearing glory. I took these goofy pics late last night after not getting much sleep the night before. Okay, I’ll stop making excuses. THIS is what I really look like on most days…


it\'s all me, baby

I met this family out at Willow Grove beach out in Longview. They were so happy and fun!! I had a really good time shooting and editing these. Just looking at them made me smile.

Their little boys were full of energy. They were hilarious to work with. Every time we’d try to get photos of the two boys together, they’d either run away or they’d refuse to look at me. It was quite funny!

In a “lifestyle” session I pose a little bit, but allow families to interact with each other so I can get those “real” moments. I LOVE the laughing, smiling photos more than anything else. I do formal stuff, but sessions like these are my favorite. It’s fun to capture people’s real personalities and see how they interact with each other.

I hope you enjoy this sneak peak of the D family…

walking on beach

family session at willow grove beach

lifestyle family session

blond two year old boy

family laughing on the beach

two year old

family laying in grass

four year old

brothers walking hand in hand