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I met this young man in Downtown Kalama for his Senior photos. He’s a Kelso High student (go Highlanders!!). We had a great time wondering around the ally ways and the different areas in downtown Kalama. I hadn’t had a session there before, so it was a lot of fun for me. I really enjoy when seniors choose new locations. It forces me to be creative and I end up glad I didn’t get stuck in a rut.

I had a lot of fun being creative with this session. Even my processing is a bit more edgy. I’m wanting to do more and more “urban” sessions like this.

He was quite the character and the last shot is for his friends at the pool. He’s a lifeguard (and a swimmer) so he wanted to have some goofy photos.

Thanks for letting me photograph you!! It was a blast!!

Urban senior photography

Urban senior photos of mccain

headshot on beach

Kelso High senior photos

senior photography in Kalama

Urban senior photos

senior on blue door

Kalama senior photos

edgy senior photography

edgy senior photography

senior in swimwear

and finally, my awesome reflector holder/assistant/husband who helped me out with this session. He was a HUGE help. I’m trying to convince him to help me with every session, but he’s not so sure….

my husband Derrick

I met this gorgeous gal out at Riverside Park in Longview. It was a perfect overcast day!! She was a great gal to work with. We had a good time scouting out locations to shoot at. I’ve never photographed out at Riverside before and it was an awesome place. I’ll have to add it to my list of locations to shoot at.

I’m really enjoying photographing seniors this year. I’ve met the nicest bunch of young adults. They’re all so beautiful too. I’ll be sad when the winter comes and I won’t get to photograph them as much.

I hope you enjoy your preview!!!!

taylor KHS grad 2009

KHS senior 2009

KHS senior 2009

Taylor KHS senior 2009

KHS senior 2009

KHS senior photos

Kelso WA senior photos

KHS senior 2009

KHS senior 2009

Taylor KHS senior

KHS senior

Kelso Senior

How was that for a title??

I met this awesome family in Longview out at Lake Sacajawea for their family portraits. It was a crazy, busy, and fun-filled time. The kiddos are exactly like mine, except the oldest daughter is just a bit younger than my Miss K. It was quite the challenge to get them all looking at the camera at the same time. Now I know how my sister-in-law felt when she was photographing my family!!

I love how they coordinated the blues without being matchy. It was PERFECT!!! They’re such a beautiful, loving family. It was a joy to photograph them.

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy your preview!!

I love this one…

lifestyle family photography

cute kiddos

jo sitting on the bridge

little guy during family session in longview

baby in blue jacket

clark family formal photo

clark kids

clark family photos

two year old photo

clark family

clark family photo

it only took twenty tries to get this shot… lol

They’re sure cute, though, aren’t they?!!

clark family photos

I met this young man from the Kelso High class of 2009 out in Rose Valley for his senior photos. He grew up out in Rose Valley and his family knows a lot of our family. It’s such a small town!! He’s a captain on the football team for the Highlanders. I graduated in the class of 2000 and it’s hard to believe it’s been nine years since I was in school there at Kelso High. My how time flies!!!

We had a good time hiking around near the Coweeman River. It’s a beautiful place. So quiet and peaceful. I’ve done a few sessions out there and it’s always such a nice background for photos.

Thomas was a great sport for having his photo taken for two hours. Thanks for putting up with me!

I hope you enjoy your preview!!

KHS senior 2009

Thomas with his footbal

Kelso High senior photos

Thomas at the coweeman river

KHS football 2009

KHS 2009

Kelso High senior photos

Senior photography KHS

funky senior photos

This little darling totally made my day on friday. She was the cutest lil thing!! Her parents dressed her in the most adorable fall outfit with these cute little bows. After a couple of weeks with working with seniors it was sure fun to chase around a two year old.

This little gal is so full of life, adventurous and a blast to photograph. We had a fun little adventure wondering around the gardens.

We met up at the Asian Gardens at Lake Sacajawea here in Longview. It’s one of the most popular spots to photograph and for good reason. It’s just gorgeous over there. If you ever get a chance to take a walk around it, I highly recommend it!

Thank you K family for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family. I hope you enjoy your preview!!

the K family

the K family portraits

k family shadows

The k family two year old pics

Well hello there

all eyes on her

two year old and her eyelashes

two year old picking grass

finally, my absolute favorite photo from the session….

the k family