So a photography forum I belong to challenged everyone to take a “normal” photo of themselves (no photoshopping, altering, etc. allowed). I didn’t zap my zits, I didn’t reduce any under-eye puffyness or reduce the black. I didn’t do my hair (well, I never really do my hair so that’s totally normal of me).

I DID turn them black and white just because it was a little cooler that way. These look so Myspaceish though. See look… I made up a new word.

*Myspaceish is defined as a “self portrait” done in a mirror complete with funny looks and fake smiles.

So here I am in all my baggy eyed, tired looking, pony tail wearing glory. I took these goofy pics late last night after not getting much sleep the night before. Okay, I’ll stop making excuses. THIS is what I really look like on most days…


it\'s all me, baby