This little guy melted my heart. He was ALL boy and a fun little guy at that. He automatically went towards the dirt as soon as we got to the park. It was so cute!! Here he was surrounded by all sorts of slides and swings and he just wanted to play in the dirt. His mom was totally relaxed and just let him do his thing. It was the perfect lifestyle session. I got a few smiles out of him, but for the most part he was a pretty focused, serious guy.

We met up at Horseshoe Lake park in Woodland, WA. I love this location. It’s perfect for all sorts of sessions. They have the water, the park area, a field, and plenty of trees. It’s also close to downtown so it’s easy to do “urban” sessions as well.

Hope you enjoy the preview…

Check out these gorgeous blue eyes!!!

14month old session

toddler walking

toddler having fun

E little toddler session

this one completely cracks me up. Check out that face!!!!

mom and baby

playing in dirt at park

toddler clapping

toddler session

looking into the water

little guy running

boy walking with the ducks

and a very fitting storyboard…. (I LOVE this one)

little boy storyboard