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I spent about six hours today going through all my files from 2010 and realized that there is no way I could possibly do a slide show with every single session. I had to narrow it down to my favorites and go from there. I sincerely apologize if a photo from your session is not in the slide show. 🙁

The flip side of that is HOLY SMOKES we’ve had a great year. Thank you thank you thank you for supporting Lemondrops Photography. Derrick and I are beyond blessed to have had this much business. It’s all up to God, but we hope that 2011 is even better than this year.

The slide show is only babies, kids, families and seniors but I will be doing another one featuring all my favorite wedding images as well. I have discovered a new slide show program so I’m hoping to do a lot more of these in the coming months!!

Anyhoo, since probably five people will read this I’ll get to the point already….

FAVORITES of 2010:

I have to say that organizing all of my siblings (step and blood-related) to get this photo of all the kids together actually worked out MUCH better than expected. We had a few melt-downs and what not, but it was SOOOO worth it after watching my dad, step-mama, and grandma cry. We gave this as a gift to them this evening. It was SO HARD to not share this photo since it makes me smile so big.

So here ya go.

My kids, nieces, nephew, a cousin, and a sister.


and the photo of my kids that has gotten the single most comments from people on facebook EVER. Of course I’m biased and think my kids are gorgeous and well, you know the rest… 😉


So today is the first day of my “vacation.” I’ve taken eight days off and am done editing everything (with the exception of one wedding I shot last week). Anyhoo, so now that I’m finally free from work I’m actually wanting to get my blog updated. My parents always told me that there is no “down” time for me.

So the coffee’s brewing and Christmas music is playing and I’m going to show you some photos from the last couple of months of beautiful people.

Also, THANK YOU to friends, family, and clients who believe in me. I got a little teary-eyed the other night thinking about how there’s no way humanly possible I could do what I do without the love and support of you all. I’m so grateful that my business has boomed and I’m able to do what I love. And do it so much that I run out of time to blog the beautiful images I’m taking!!

Anyhoo, sorry about the sappy moment. I’m grateful. Truly.

Here’s beautiful people….

e-session-3 copywmrs

e-session-43 copywmrs


(and also the one on the back of their “save the date cards.”)

I LOVE it when people have the same favorites as me!!

e-session-62 copywmrs

e-session-52 copywmrs

You are beautiful.

e-session-38 copywmrs

okay seriously this makes me laugh so incredibly hard. LOVE it.


e-session-54 copywmrs

And another couple. Totally different day….

engagement blog3








I did an unplanned 10 minute photo shoot with my kids this afternoon. I knew it was going to start raining for the next week (possibly the rest of the winter, who knows!) and desperately wanted some new pics of my kids outside.

So, I bribed them with candy and took them out in their wrinkled, uncoordinated and muddy clothes. They all need haircuts but that won’t happen till this Wednesday. The goofy thing is that I will probably love these photos so much more than my “planned” studio session with them in their formal Christmas outfits. They have their appointment on Thursday (yes, I actually scheduled them in. Things have been BUSY lately. LOL)

Anyhoo, here’s my kids. As they are on any normal day….

lemmonskids--5editwmrssb1wmrs8.5 years, 4.5 years, and 3 next month


lemmonskids--8 copywmrs


(mr. d’s favorite thing to do)


this is exactly them. Tinker sticking his tongue out, mr. d smiling so big his eyes close and miss K behaving perfectly in front of the camera.

Love those kids.

lemmonskids--17 copy

Here’s a bunch of my favorites from mini sessions I held last month. Sorry I couldn’t post them ALL. I had to narrow it down.

We had so much fun and got TONS of great photos!!!










smith--12 copy

miniblog12couldn’t help but post these. CRACKS me up!!