I did an unplanned 10 minute photo shoot with my kids this afternoon. I knew it was going to start raining for the next week (possibly the rest of the winter, who knows!) and desperately wanted some new pics of my kids outside.

So, I bribed them with candy and took them out in their wrinkled, uncoordinated and muddy clothes. They all need haircuts but that won’t happen till this Wednesday. The goofy thing is that I will probably love these photos so much more than my “planned” studio session with them in their formal Christmas outfits. They have their appointment on Thursday (yes, I actually scheduled them in. Things have been BUSY lately. LOL)

Anyhoo, here’s my kids. As they are on any normal day….

lemmonskids--5editwmrssb1wmrs8.5 years, 4.5 years, and 3 next month


lemmonskids--8 copywmrs


(mr. d’s favorite thing to do)


this is exactly them. Tinker sticking his tongue out, mr. d smiling so big his eyes close and miss K behaving perfectly in front of the camera.

Love those kids.

lemmonskids--17 copy