So today is the first day of my “vacation.” I’ve taken eight days off and am done editing everything (with the exception of one wedding I shot last week). Anyhoo, so now that I’m finally free from work I’m actually wanting to get my blog updated. My parents always told me that there is no “down” time for me.

So the coffee’s brewing and Christmas music is playing and I’m going to show you some photos from the last couple of months of beautiful people.

Also, THANK YOU to friends, family, and clients who believe in me. I got a little teary-eyed the other night thinking about how there’s no way humanly possible I could do what I do without the love and support of you all. I’m so grateful that my business has boomed and I’m able to do what I love. And do it so much that I run out of time to blog the beautiful images I’m taking!!

Anyhoo, sorry about the sappy moment. I’m grateful. Truly.

Here’s beautiful people….

e-session-3 copywmrs

e-session-43 copywmrs


(and also the one on the back of their “save the date cards.”)

I LOVE it when people have the same favorites as me!!

e-session-62 copywmrs

e-session-52 copywmrs

You are beautiful.

e-session-38 copywmrs

okay seriously this makes me laugh so incredibly hard. LOVE it.


e-session-54 copywmrs

And another couple. Totally different day….

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