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Just wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Lemondrops Photography. Thank you all for your love and support.

God Bless!!


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I love these two people. Not only is Lindsey a great friend, she’s also my kid’s evening babysitter. She’s the one that cleans up my kids’ messes, feeds them, bathes them,  and keeps them happy  while I’m away working. She also makes me cookies and sends me home with chocolate to keep me sane. 😉

She’s been such a blessing to me and my family. My kids always look forward to going to her house and I of course adore her more than words can express. I’ve been doing mr. G’s photos since he was a newborn and I always look forward to our sessions. This was the first time Lindsey got involved and I hope she loves these photos as much as I do.

Thank you a billion times over for loving and caring for my kids.

graysonsbsb1Lindsey you are so beautiful!!


this makes me want to cry

(in a good way)


too cute for words


makes you want to pinch his cheeks, doesn’t it??!!


okay I’m sorry, but this was just too cute not to post.

When this couple called to book a session, the dad excitedly told me that after a very long time, they had finally been able to adopt a little girl. It was a long process full of lawyers and ups and downs. The day he called was the day that she was officially theirs (well 99% completed anyway). We chit chatted and set a date for a couple days later and I got to meet their precious little girl. She was an absolute joy and watching them with their little baby girl just brought tears to my eyes. They were perfect for each other.

She truly is the best Christmas present.

Thank you so much for letting me photograph these beautiful moments of your family. I am truly blessed.

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perfect family

5x10storyboard copyshe looks like she’s praying. I just love it.

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only 8 days old.

She was absolutely perfect and content and only peed on her daddy once!!

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I love love love love love this one.

did I mention I love this one? cuz I do.

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caught a sweet smile.


I love the little details. I think it’s because my kids are growing WAY too fast and I have a hard time remembering exactly how they were when they were so little. I find myself taking photos of precious little babies and trying to capture every single detail. It seems like they will be small forever, but they grow so very fast.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m completely clueless when it comes to hair (and clothing for that matter).

When it comes to getting my hair cut and styled I have to have someone hold my hand through the process. There’s usually a conversation that happens along the lines of “so, what do you want done to your hair?” I usually respond with “uh… I have no idea… just make it look good.” Sometimes that response has ended in some pretty bad haircuts. Some were good, some HORRID. When I moved here four years ago I had to search for a stylist who could work with someone so “special” as myself. After a few bad haircuts and almost resorting to doing it myself, my dear mom (love you mom) told me that her good friend’s daughter was a stylist. So I went and tried her out and fell in love. She’s been holding my hand ever since. She’s now my daughter’s stylist as well.

A year ago Shae (my stylist extraordinaire)  and some other gals decided to open up a shop on their own. Eclectic Styles was then born. Since that time I’ve done photos for many of the babies of eclectic styles. You may recognize the mom of the famous tongue sticking out superman baby and the mom of the gorgeous newborn with the flower hat. One of the other gals is my boy’s stylist and we’re trying to convince the hubby that he should go to a salon instead of a barber.

Yes I love these girls. Not only do they do AMAZING hair, they’re also really fun people. I was super excited when they asked me to do their photos for their advertisements and for posting in the salon.

Here’s a quick preview of some of the fun we had!!


LOVE these girls!!



(the rumor is they are putting this huge on their walls. I think they should!!)


funny collage I made for the salon.

(sure beats a boring portrait, doesn’t it??!!)

These little girls were a riot!! They both had so much personality. They are 15 months old and definitely keep their parents on their toes.

I had a blast chasing them around and trying to get smiles out of them.

I hope you get a kick out of these two. Enjoy their preview…

twinssb6aren’t they PERFECT???!!!!


“dude what’s YOUR problem?!!”

(okay hallmark, you should make this as a card)

twinssb3LOVE this new chair!!


“okay seriously, this lady is nuts.”


both sitting? check.

both looking? check

both smiling? okay this is as good as it gets.