I love these two people. Not only is Lindsey a great friend, she’s also my kid’s evening babysitter. She’s the one that cleans up my kids’ messes, feeds them, bathes them,¬† and keeps them happy¬† while I’m away working. She also makes me cookies and sends me home with chocolate to keep me sane. ;)

She’s been such a blessing to me and my family. My kids always look forward to going to her house and I of course adore her more than words can express. I’ve been doing mr. G’s photos since he was a newborn and I always look forward to our sessions. This was the first time Lindsey got involved and I hope she loves these photos as much as I do.

Thank you a billion times over for loving and caring for my kids.

graysonsbsb1Lindsey you are so beautiful!!


this makes me want to cry

(in a good way)


too cute for words


makes you want to pinch his cheeks, doesn’t it??!!


okay I’m sorry, but this was just too cute not to post.