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I get that comment a lot about my daughter and I.

Whether looks or personality, according to other people she’s like me. Of course when it comes to her analytical mind she’s exactly like her father. If you’ve ever read my blog post about her correcting my grammar mistakes, you’ll understand. It’s tough when your seven year old can write better than you.

Lately I’ve been dragging (er…. bringing…)  her to the studio when I have sessions or ordering appointments. She’s pretty quiet when given a book and has been known to make a few kids smile here and there. Mostly she just likes the time away from her little brothers. Of course, I have asked her to help me with taking out the garbage a time or two, but the kid has to learn responsibility sometime!

A few nights ago I brought her with me and she helped me test the lights before my session arrived. We had a bit of fun and this is what we got. Gotta love her silly self.


I LOVE this family.

Okay, well it’s probably because they’re family of ours. Mr. R is my hubby’s cousin. He’s the brother to this beautiful bride.

They live in Nashville, TN and came all the way to have me photograph them!! HAHA kidding. I’m not that cool.They came for Christmas but I got to steal them away to do a session. This is the first time I’ve gotten to meet their newest addition. He’s now four months old and the cutest little thing. He was a really good sport about having his photos done. He didn’t even fuss once!!!

Thanks R family for putting up with me. I sure enjoyed hanging out with you guys and I can’t wait to see you for our family Christmas get-together!!

R-14 copy

Mrs. R you are absolutely gorgeous!!


I get that look a lot from babies.

R-2 copy

they’re so perfect it almost hurts

R-5edit copy

okay now  THIS is my favorite. New processing for me. Whatcha think?

R-8edit copy

good from this angle too!!


this one makes me smile


I love color !!!

This little guy is the baby from this gorgeous mama. He’s the fourth baby in this adorable family. His older siblings are simply perfect and he fits right in. His mama always teases me about having a fourth baby. For now I think three is enough for me!! I think she’s definitely super woman. She’s always wearing a smile and her kids are so well behaved.

Thanks Mrs. B for having me do M’s photos. He’s truly a doll and I really enjoyed our morning together!


isn’t he just precious?!!!

bsb1bsb3he’s just perfect.

Okay so while I do like studio stuff, my heart is really into the outdoor sessions. This is one of my best friends and her family. She’s totally cool and let’s me pick where we went.

I took them out to one of my favorite spots near my studio in downtown Kelso. It was super cold, but we managed and the boys were totally awesome. I’ve photographed the boys since they were really tiny. They are the same ages as my two sons and my oldest boy (who’s almost four) says they are his best friends. They go to the same school and we have plans of them playing ball together.

Thanks for letting me drag you around town for your pics. I love you guys and I hope you love these photos!!

N-3 copy

hello gorgeous family and that beautiful sunflare

N-12 copy

girls better watch out!!

In about twelve years these boys are gonna break your hearts


the little guy on the right in his handsome suit just melts my heart

sb2okay little mister model. How perfect is he??!!!


he’s got STYLE


STUNNING couple alert!!


My favorite card for them!!

I haven’t been able to blog all of the sessions that I’ve done lately. I’m so incredibly blessed to be as busy as I have been.

So THANK YOU for keeping me busy!!!

Here’s a small sampling of some favorites from the last couple weeks sessions….


these kids were WAY fun!!

sb3seriously adorable!

sb4Okay I could pinch her cheeks. I really could. Check out all that cuteness!!

S-8 copy

LOVE her dress!!

sb7This little guy has such personality!! I just love him!!

D-10 copy

one of my favorite families 😀


They were so cute with eachother it was unreal!!





cutest baby ever!!! Of course, this is my nephew, so I’m allowed to say that 😉