When this couple called to book a session, the dad excitedly told me that after a very long time, they had finally been able to adopt a little girl. It was a long process full of lawyers and ups and downs. The day he called was the day that she was officially theirs (well 99% completed anyway). We chit chatted and set a date for a couple days later and I got to meet their precious little girl. She was an absolute joy and watching them with their little baby girl just brought tears to my eyes. They were perfect for each other.

She truly is the best Christmas present.

Thank you so much for letting me photograph these beautiful moments of your family. I am truly blessed.

N-2 copy

perfect family

5x10storyboard copyshe looks like she’s praying. I just love it.

N-38 copy

only 8 days old.

She was absolutely perfect and content and only peed on her daddy once!!

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I love love love love love this one.

did I mention I love this one? cuz I do.

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caught a sweet smile.


I love the little details. I think it’s because my kids are growing WAY too fast and I have a hard time remembering exactly how they were when they were so little. I find myself taking photos of precious little babies and trying to capture every single detail. It seems like they will be small forever, but they grow so very fast.

  • Oh, so sweet. My eyes are misty now 😉

    Congratulations to the new parents–she is so beautiful and a little gift from heaven for sure. May all your Christmases be as special as this one.

  • simone Margolis

    Dear Maria and Jason. What lovely, delicate and artistically done
    pictures of Noemi. Thank you for sharing your precious gift.
    With all our love. Uncle Bruce, Aunt Simone. Cousins Mathew and Jessie