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I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Raeann Phillips who is a local singer/songwriter. She’s quite the celebrity around this area and her music is INCREDIBLE. I’ve known Raeann since we were kids. She and I did several high school musicals together when we were in high school. She is not only gorgeous and talented, she’s one of the nicest people I know.

You can find info all about her music here:

Raeann Phillips



Here’s the gorgeous Raeann….



A few months ago I was hired do some commercial work for the the Port of Longview.  They were gearing up to launch a new website and a new ad campaign and for some crazy reason they figured I’d be the gal for the job. 😉

Let me tell you it was AWESOME!!! I had absolutely no idea how much is at the port. I spent a good full day learning all about what they do there and taking photos. They strive to only use photos taken at the port itself for all their marketing and ad campaigns. I was able to photograph a huge variety of stuff and they have plans for me to come back later this summer. My contact at the Port has been amazing to work with and I’m flattered to have been a part of the project!!!

They have finally launched their new website and all of the photos (except the aerial ones) were taken by yours truly.

Check it out!!

They also did a huge billboard along Tenant way here in Longview using one of my images. To have one of my photos on a BILLBOARD. Whoa. I was pretty darn excited. As a photog, getting images in magazines and billboards is like what famous photogs do. 😉 It’s an awesome feeling.

(please excuse the junky bad quality iphone photo. I need to go by and take a proper one!!)

Anyhoo, check out the Port’s website and check out the pics. It’s a pretty awesome place!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m completely clueless when it comes to hair (and clothing for that matter).

When it comes to getting my hair cut and styled I have to have someone hold my hand through the process. There’s usually a conversation that happens along the lines of “so, what do you want done to your hair?” I usually respond with “uh… I have no idea… just make it look good.” Sometimes that response has ended in some pretty bad haircuts. Some were good, some HORRID. When I moved here four years ago I had to search for a stylist who could work with someone so “special” as myself. After a few bad haircuts and almost resorting to doing it myself, my dear mom (love you mom) told me that her good friend’s daughter was a stylist. So I went and tried her out and fell in love. She’s been holding my hand ever since. She’s now my daughter’s stylist as well.

A year ago Shae (my stylist extraordinaire)  and some other gals decided to open up a shop on their own. Eclectic Styles was then born. Since that time I’ve done photos for many of the babies of eclectic styles. You may recognize the mom of the famous tongue sticking out superman baby and the mom of the gorgeous newborn with the flower hat. One of the other gals is my boy’s stylist and we’re trying to convince the hubby that he should go to a salon instead of a barber.

Yes I love these girls. Not only do they do AMAZING hair, they’re also really fun people. I was super excited when they asked me to do their photos for their advertisements and for posting in the salon.

Here’s a quick preview of some of the fun we had!!


LOVE these girls!!



(the rumor is they are putting this huge on their walls. I think they should!!)


funny collage I made for the salon.

(sure beats a boring portrait, doesn’t it??!!)

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the gals who own Estetica Day Spa for some commercial work. I was very excited for the opportunity to work with another small business here locally.

Estetica Day Spa is located at 1146 Commerce Avenue (inside Pals hair salon) in downtown Longview.

You can view their website here.

I started out with head shots of the owners and then I took some photos in the spa. They offer a ton of services and I’m incredibly happy that I get to try them out tomorrow with my very first facial!!  (can you tell I’m a little excited?!!!)

Next on my list is a massage. After all this Christmas craziness, I think that will be perfect!!

Thanks Barb and Kim for trusting me with your photos. I had such a wonderful time meeting you and hope you love your photos!


aren’t they gorgeous!!!






sb1they have all sorts of fun jewlery and gifts for sale in the spa!


They offer make-up application and consultaions.

(psstt… brides if you’re reading this, think about them for your wedding day!!!)

sb5The sign on the bottom right cracked me up!!!