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I can’t even begin to explain how much I love the people I work with. Every single one of these sessions was a blast and the families are just incredible.

I’m about to get all blabby and emotional, so I’ll just let you get to the photos…. 😉


Miss H was one of my best friends in junior high and high school. It’s so exciting to see her expecting her first little one.

Pregnancy looks great on you!!! Can’t wait to meet the new addition!!


Isn’t this little bundle absolutely perfect!!!

His parents are totally awesome too. 😀


LOVE this one.



they’re both smiling.

this one’s my favorite.


HELLLOOOO canvas baby.


I’ve been photographing this little man for three years!!! He just turned four and I absolutely adore him and his family.

I can’t even believe how time flies!!


His mama totally “gets” me and my style and knows how much I LOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEE lifestyle sessions.

Kids being kids.

Doesn’t get much better than that!!!!


Miss K.

Because I’m completely and utterly biased towards my sweet little girl and I think she’s the prettiest thing ever.

I got my first camera when she was born almost eight years ago.

She’s still my muse.

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I took these at a family barbeque. I probably would have dressed her in nicer jeans had I planned on doing a session with her.

But you know…. this is HER.

Her holey jeans, her messed up hippie hair.

She’s perfect.

I’ve had a record amount of sessions lately. I’m getting closer and closer to hiring a staff member just to keep up. I would like to publicly thank my AWESOME and amazing husband for doing all the dishes and cooking. Without him, I think I would lose my mind! He’s taken up the hobby of creating delicious meals and I’m taking up the hobby of gaining weight from those meals. It’s fun for everyone! (minus the whole pants getting tighter sort of thing….)

Anyhoo, I love love LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE my clients for being not only gorgeous, but amazing people to work with. So thank you all!!!

Without further babbling, here’s some fun from this last week….


Hello cutie pattootie. I could seriously take her home.

castro-8613 copywmrs

okay seriously, the parents of these two beauties are gonna be in TROUBLE when they get older.

Just sayin. 😉

castro-8588 copywmrs

two kids looking/smiling/and in a perfect setting equals IMPOSSIBLE

except for these two.

Gorgeous AND well behaved.


anneblog1um, it’s seriously not fair to be this amazing looking and nine months pregnant.

Of course, you should see her gorgeous wedding photos…

Now one year after their wedding, they’re expecting baby #1.

and it’s a BOY!!!


okay, one of my most favorite maternity shots EVER

like ever.

totally Anne’s idea, and it’s so cool I wish it were my idea!


okay, this is a favorite too.

How perfect are they?!!!!


um, I could keep her too.

Isn’t she the cutest little one year old??


of of my most favorite mom/daughter photos to date.

I love everything about this one.


Hello beautiful sister!!!

(who happens to be my daughter’s best friend!)


I won’t lie, this is my favorite family photo of the week.

Again, love everything about this one!!!


I want this to be me and my kids.

Seriously love this one too!!!

Okay I guess that will be all today. I have more sessions to edit, kids to play with, and sleep would be nice as well!

Okay, I’m a bad blogger. I’m sorry. I SWORE I wouldn’t be one of those people, but I guess it just happens. Sadly, I’ve ran out of time in my day and not every session can be blogged. I guess I knew that time would come, but I’m having difficulty coming to grips with it. I HATE to make people feel left out if I don’t post their session.

So, that being said, I will still post as much as I can, but now being 14 sessions behind in blogging, I just have to accept the fact that it can’t happen. I have to make sure everyone gets their photos done and edited in a timely fashion as well as receiving their prints SUPER FAST like I promise.

And please please please don’t take it personal if I’m not able to post your session on here. I LOVE YOU ALL and you’re all fabulous!!!!!

(I can and will post them on facebook, however, so just add me as a friend and I’ll tag you with your images!!!)

Okay, on to more fun things…..

Here’s a couple of cuties from this last week. No, they’re not related whatsoever, but looking at the two next to each other, they do look like they could be!!


Miss E just turned TWO!!! I photographed her parents wedding this last September.

It’s amazing how fast she’s grown and how CUTEEEEEEEEE she is!!! (sorry, I”m gushing)



Okay and here’s another little cutie who just turned one!!! I’ve been photographing her since she was a few days old!!!



Miss L just turned ONE!!!




okay this is priceless!!!

She did almost exactly the same thing as my son did for his one year photos.

Including the eating the arm, trying to eat the whole cake, etc.

I love cake smash sessions. They’re seriously awesome!!!

This little handsome guy is the son of this couple who are my July 10th wedding!!!! They are so much fun and their son is an absolute joy.

Here’s a preview of our fun session this last week!!!

connar1sbsuch a happy little man!


love this one!




could this kid get any cuter???

connarsb5such a fun guy!!!