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Baby “P” is just eight weeks old. She’s one of the cutest little things I’ve ever seen! Her hair sticks straight up and her mom says it’s curly when it’s wet, but her hair has a mind of it’s own.

I absolutely love being an on location photographer because I get a different session every single time I come to a new location. Their house is incredibly gorgeous and the light was just perfect when I got there. I immediately knew I wanted a photo of them on the porch as soon as I drove up. The house was built in 1889 and was recently completely restored.


the family


Of course had to get photos of their other babies. Meet Sherman and Wendy. Sherman became my best buddy during our session. He was seriously one of the coolest dogs I’ve ever met.

(Sherman is on the left, Wendy on the right)


“daddy’s arms”

(my favorite from the session)



(baby “P” is gorgeous just like her mother)


I love this age because they give genuine smiles!!




This one cracked me up so I had to show it.

“okay, I’m done having my picture taken.”


Thanks so much for having me do your daughter’s first portraits. I had a great time meeting you and your family. I hope you enjoy your preview!

Michelle and Kyle are a military couple. They are currently stationed in Germany while Kyle is serving our country in the Army (thank you Kyle!!). They have already been married for a short while, but they were just now able to have the wedding Michelle always dreamed of.

It was an absolutely perfect day for their wedding!

They tied the knot under a tent at Lake Sacajawea and had their reception at the Monticello Hotel. The Monticello is one of my favorite places in Longview to photograph. It’s rich history makes for some amazing backdrops for photos.They are such a beautiful couple and I had a great time photographing their wedding. Thank you so much for trusting me with your big day.

I will post more later from your “day after session.”

Congrats on your marriage!!

webbblog7Michelle’s details were absolutely beautiful.

webbblog9It takes five hours less for guys to get ready than girls. Totally not fair!


Such a beautiful couple!

webbblog10Kyle’s older brother performed the ceremony. It was a very special time for their family.

webbblog4kickin it old school style!

webbblog3these are my favorites from the day!


I LOVED the cake and their gorgeous rings. Check out the color and the bling!

webbblog2so much in love..

webbblog5this group of folks knew how to parrrtaayyyy!!

webbblog6The group!


I’m sitting here in my darkened office with the a/c blasting. It’s 105 degrees outside.

I can’t help but think that I was born in Washington because if I’d been born somewhere where it was this hot all the time, I would not survive.

Apparently Mr. I thinks so as well.


do not fret though. We promised him popsicles.


Stay cool everyone.

My most recent session fit along well with my newest favorite song. I saw a really good performance on America’s Got Talent. The song and dance captivated me. The song was “Jai Ho (you are my destiny)” by the Pussycat Dolls. It’s totally catchy and I keep playing it over and over. LOL!

Destinee was my session on Thursday morning. She turned 16 this weekend and we celebrated this landmark birthday by having a photo session. She’s absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn’t be surprised if she has guys knocking down her door.

Happy Birthday Destinee!!!  I hope you enjoy your preview!



okay and the You Tube Video I totally love.

(Destinee totally looks like the lead singer from the band. Awesome.)

I asked my really good friend Elena to do photos of derrick and I for our 8 year anniversary. The last time Derrick and I had photos taken together (minus kids) was on our wedding day. July 14th, 2001.

I won’t lie and say that we’ve always been in love and it’s always been easy. Marriage has been one of the toughest things I’ve ever endured. Not that my husband isn’t perfect (love you honey!) but when two people live together and share E V E R Y T H I N G. it gets tough sometimes.  Together (and with God’s help) we have endured moving over eight times, having three kids, multiple separations (due to him being in the Army) and countless silly arguments over who gets the remote. 😉

I’m five quadrillion times more in love with him now than I was on the day we got married.

Words don’t even express how much I love this man.

But maybe a few pictures can show you how I feel about him.


We got all dressed up for these photos and I had a blast getting my hair and make up done. Yes, this is not the “normal” me, but a girl needs to get all gussied up every once in awhile.  I even wore heels!!


check out this model pose. BOOYAAAA!


He still makes me laugh.

A lot.


I loves him.


okay so it’s totally weird for me to see myself with hot red lips, but I’m in love with this photo.


Elena I can’t thank you enough for being a great friend and for taking our photos!! I can wait for your session with you and your hubby!!!