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I had the pleasure of photographing my brother-in-laws wedding with my sister-in-law Jessica (of Jessica Lemmons Photography). It’s not too often that there are two professional photographers in a family! Jessica and I made a great team and we had a great time documenting the event.

Craig couldn’t have picked a better girl to marry. Nicole is an absolute gem. Not only is she beautiful, she’s smart, creative, funny, and incredibly nice. I’m lucky to have two really awesome sister-in-laws!!

I only have time to post a couple today, as we’re off to another family event (birthday party!). Our weekends are incredibly full when you’re a Lemmons.





and of course I couldn’t resist posting a picture of this. I bought this for Nicole and figured she’s just put it on the side of the table. Craig begged her to use it for their actual cake topper and it was hilarious!


*I sing REALLY REALLY loud in my car. So much that sometimes I get weird looks from other people in their cars.


*I think if coffee and chocolate were considered illegal and banned I might consider moving to another country. Or I’d melt into a puddle on the floor and be completely useless in society. Either way.

* My laugh is loud and startles small children at times.


*I’m ridiculously sensitive. So much so that I have to try really hard to ignore it when people say mean things about me and I find out. I mean, I KNOW I can’t please everyone all the time, but my husband has to convince me not to eat the entire box of chocolates when my feelings get hurt (yes, I’m an emotional over-chocolate eater).

*I break things constantly. Glasses, dishes, you name it, I’m not allowed near it. For instance at dinner tonight I spilled my glass of water all over the table. The kids weren’t with me, so I couldn’t blame it on them. HAHA!

(Check out that rad hair!!!)


Oh yeah, nother confession: I don’t do hair (or much make up for that matter). I’m kinda hippiesh that way. Look I made up a new word!

*I’m kinda OCD at times. Okay. Not kinda….


*I’m a lens junkie. Yes, I need help for it. Instead of jewelry I always ask my hubby for new lenses and other random camera equipment. He calls it crazy. I just call it dedication to my job.


* I’m totally random and silly sometimes. This post is a perfect example of my crazyness.

Hey, it’s cheaper than therapy!

Until tomorrow….

(images courtsey of Elena)

I laughed so hard I cried on this one.

Could one of my brides PLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE do something like this?

Holy moly it would be fun!!

This was one of those weddings that I could have laughed and cried along with the guests. There was so much emotion behind everything and it was wonderful to be able to capture it.

Jill and Steve actually live overseas in Australia.  Jill grew up here in the Northwest, but has spent the better part of her adult life in Australia.  She of course met the man of her dreams over there and decided to come back “home” to have her wedding at her father’s house out in Castle Rock.  Steve is Scottish, so he wanted to make sure that part of his heritage was a part of the wedding.  So how’s that for confusing?! Wedding in Castle Rock, couple from Australia, but it’s a Scottish wedding!!

Their two young boys were a big part of their day and served as the best man and ring bearer. I couldn’t get over how cute both of them were. They both stole my heart.

Thank you a million times over for letting me be a part of your day. Your family is one of the nicest families I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Congrats on your marriage!!!




kiggensweddingblog11See how cute these little guys are!!! Oh my goodness!!!

kiggensweddingblog9Jill and Steve got matching tattoos to symbolize the tree of life. The tattoo artist is actually a friend of mine since childhood and he was at the wedding as well!

kiggensweddngblog10The beautiful family.


Their ceremony was absolute perfection. They bound their hands together and also exchanged rings.


You can totally see the love between these two. They are perfectly suited for each other.

kigggensweddingblog15This father and daughter dance had me in tears. She lives far away from her dad and I can’t even imagine living so far away from my dad for so long.

kiggiensblog16so this middle one totally makes me laugh. I posed them for a nice serious moment and this is what happens. Of course, it’s totally something my husband would do. I love the sense of humor these two had.

kiggensweddingblog12and yes, there are no words for this one 😉


They had this tree of life at their guest signing table and it was just perfect to put their rings on!!

kiggensweddingblog2And a special thanks to my second shooter Elena who totally rocks my socks off. Thank you for being a great friend and for being an awesome photog as well!!

My baby girl is turning seven on Friday.

I can’t even believe that much time has passed since she came into this world and changed my life forever. She so much like me in so many ways, yet so much like so many other people in our family. She has her daddy’s wits, her grandpa’s brown eyes, her nana’s looks, her mama’s crazy personality, her grandma’s creativity, and her papa’s sense of humor.

She’s the reason I got started in photography and she is still my favorite subject. Although nowadays her ideas are always better than mine. For this session I just let her do her own thing.

She is an amazing little girl.

Happy Birthday Miss K.

I hope you get everything that’s on your list!!!

(and yes, she does read my blog. She’s cute like that)