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Jesse is a soccer player for Mark Morris High school. We met up in Kalama for his senior photos. He brought his girlfriend along and she was a great helper with my reflector/sail. The wind kept picking up and threatened to blow her away! Thankfully she stayed put and helped keep Jesse laughing and me with awesome lighting.

I am amazed at how many good looking folks I get to photograph. Jesse is no exception.

Thanks Jesse for a fun session. I hope you enjoy your photos!



Dale is a handsome young man from RA Long High School. He is a baseball player (and from what I hear, he’s pretty good!). We met up in Downtown Longview for some fun urban shots for his senior photos.

Thanks Dale for an awesome shoot. I had a good time and I hope you enjoy your photos!




This years ballet performance put on by Evergreen Ballet Center is The Twelve Dancing Princesses. They will be performing at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 30th at the LCC Rose Center.

You know… so you can see the cutest little ballerina there ever was (wink wink).

Miss K is “the forest” this year and she’s really excited about her dance. Their costumes get better and better every year. When she brought this home after class a couple of few weeks ago, I literally squealed (I’m such a weird mom, poor kid).

I’m in love with green and she is the most beautiful little thing I’ve ever seen. Okay, so I’m biased. There are many other beautiful ballerinas performing as well.

Okay I’ll stop gushing and show you my ballerina….



okay and she looks like a total goof in this one, but this is the Miss K that I know and love. She’s always cracking jokes and goofing off.  (LOVE those missing teeth!!)


I got to take photos at their rehearsal last night. I must be the most embarrassing mom. Here’s me with my huge camera, flash, and lens snapping away.  Nothing worse than having a mom who’s a professional photographer. Thank goodness she didn’t seem to mind!



Thanks for reading!

Craig is my husband’s younger brother. He somehow lucked out and found the most amazing woman. Nicole is absolutely perfect and I’m really excited to have her join the Lemmons family. Of course, she’ll have to decorate her kitchen in Lemons but hopefully she won’t mind too much. 😉 We Lemmons love our lemons.

They’ve known each other since they were kids. Craig is best friends with Nicole’s cousin, Kenny. Their paths didn’t cross again until a few years after they graduated high school. They found out that all along they’ve had feelings for each other and weren’t sure if the other one would feel the same way. Once their true feelings came out, they got together. They’ve been inseparable every since.

Their wedding is going to be July 25th.

Congrats you two!!!!




The photo on the right totally cracks me up. We’ve decided this should be the one for their wedding invitation. Perfection!!!




and these are because people wonder whether I do “normal” photos or not.

Yes, I do.


Because I’m not.

I wrote Miss K a list of things that she needs to get done in the mornings before school. We were having trouble getting ready on time, so I figured if she had a list than it might make it easier. I taped the list to her bathroom door so she could check them off as she went.

Notice her “corrections” in blue.


She’s seriously a funny kid. She’s got better grammar and handwriting than her mom.

Introducing my new editor:


Have a wonderful Memorial Day!!!! We’re off to have some BBQ.