Craig is my husband’s younger brother. He somehow lucked out and found the most amazing woman. Nicole is absolutely perfect and I’m really excited to have her join the Lemmons family. Of course, she’ll have to decorate her kitchen in Lemons but hopefully she won’t mind too much. 😉 We Lemmons love our lemons.

They’ve known each other since they were kids. Craig is best friends with Nicole’s cousin, Kenny. Their paths didn’t cross again until a few years after they graduated high school. They found out that all along they’ve had feelings for each other and weren’t sure if the other one would feel the same way. Once their true feelings came out, they got together. They’ve been inseparable every since.

Their wedding is going to be July 25th.

Congrats you two!!!!




The photo on the right totally cracks me up. We’ve decided this should be the one for their wedding invitation. Perfection!!!




and these are because people wonder whether I do “normal” photos or not.

Yes, I do.