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My littlest guy is getting more and more personality every day. He’s a mellow, giggly little kid. He’s the most laid back of the three little kiddos who call me “mom.” He’s big on hugs and is the first to comfort someone if they’re upset.

Lately, though he’s figured out that he has a voice. He has finally caught on to his big brothers antics and screams at him if he tries to take his toys. It’s pretty comical actually. He gives mom attitude sometimes, but for the most part he’s pretty calm.

I wuvs him.


He picked this flower from the garden and then ran away (thinking it was wrong and I would take it from him). I had to convince him that it was “okay” and he wasn’t in trouble. He’s at that age where he gets into everything and is often told he can’t have the wonderful thing he’s found.


On Saturday, May 16th, 2009 Anne and James (aka “Jimmy”) tied the knot in Astoria, Oregon.  I was the lucky photographer to be chosen to document their special day. The wedding was perfect and they are obviously very much in love.

The wedding took place at The Loft in the Cannery Pier Hotel. You can see the website here. It’s a beautiful location. Anne and Jimmy had every little detail perfectly planned out. I am totally in love with the blue shoes she wore.


her bridesmaids and her mom helping her get ready…


seeing each other for the first time. Jimmy was in awe…


a couple of formal photos of the beautiful couple..


his four groomsmen (on the right) are all brothers including a set of twins. Check out the face on the far right… love it!!

sb211Anne chose timeless black for her bridesmaids dresses.

Simply perfect.


sb14They are a perfect fit.



Some quiet time together before the ceremony.


the details were stunning.




The toast was one of the most entertaining I’ve seen. All the guests were in stitches. One of these days I need to add audio to my photos.


These singles were extremely ready to get hitched. Check out this action!


The Cannery Pier Hotel in Astoria, Oregon.

Simply breathtaking.



Congrats Anne and Jimmy. Thank you for having me be a part of your day. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do!!

To friends and family of the beautiful couple;

Please leave comments below with your well wishes!!

This little guy is the cause of most of my grey hairs.

At the same time he completely melts my heart.

My three year old middle child. He is busier then my other two kids combined. Typically he can be found with a bat or golf club in hand hitting anything that resembles a ball. He’s in love with sports, but focusing that energy can be quite a challenge. I’d like to get him involved in baseball, but I know I don’t want to push him too early. Of course as the days go on, I’m thinking T-ball right now wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

This is the face he gave me after I had to take his bat away because hitting his little brother just isn’t nice.

I love him to pieces.


I met this nice young man back in the fall when I did his family’s photos for Christmas cards. I was really excited to hear that he’s a baseball player and wanted to get some photos in his uniform. I’m huge into baseball and especially for KHS since my dear hubby played on the team back ten years ago (yes, I’m getting old!). I’ve had some ideas for quite some time and was able to do a few of the shots I imagined.

Thanks so much Garett for being a good sport about having your photo taken for a couple of hours. You were awesome to work with and I hope you enjoy your preview!


Another one from our trip to Disney World. Things are still crazy around here so I haven’t been able to blog about our trip yet. I had a run in with a laptop that refused to turn on, so now that it’s been replaced I’m still behind on my blog posts. I’m sure only my family has been waiting to hear about it. Others I’m sure are less than impressed with my tales of the kids seeing Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

So without further ado, here’s the castle. Taken just minutes after the whole fireworks show. I was in awe of the fireworks show, so I didn’t take any photos of it. I’m not good with taking pictures when I’m on vacation!!