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That’s what boys are made of….

Mr. J was a delight to photograph. I got the pleasure of photographing him last week. These are the sweetest moments and they pass all too quickly. It was just a year ago that my little guy was born. I’m not ready to have another, so I’m thankful that lately I’ve been getting to borrow sweet little babies so I can photograph them. They are just too precious. I think I’d have a dozen if it weren’t for the whole laundry thing…

I also did a few photos of Mr. J’s big sister while Mr. J was eating. She was dressed in her princess attire and I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing such a beautiful princess. She totally stole my heart.

Thanks B family for allowing me to photograph your beautiful kids. I hope you enjoy your preview!









the big sister Miss “A”




As a mom of a young impressionable girl this video really hit home. Self esteem issues affect almost every woman I know. I battled with an eating disorder while in high school and it wasn’t until a few years ago that I became okay with how God made me. I’m one of the few women I know that is okay with herself. Most every friend of mine wishes they could be smaller, stronger, faster, weigh twenty pounds less, have a smaller nose, etc, etc, etc. Sure there are things we all wish we could change, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter. I want Miss K to grow up happy with herself. I don’t ever want her to feel as though she’s not good enough. I hated my body and couldn’t stand the site of myself in a mirror. I figured it out much later that it was because I was taught there was only one kind of beauty (and I was not that kind).  It’s sad to think about how many women feel that way about themselves.

So for all you gals reading this


*Oh and don’t watch this with little ones around. It’s got a bit of sensitive material in it.

Yes, it’s quite a bit after Valentine’s Day, but I’ve been busy. This week has been full of sick kiddos (and a sick hubby) so needless to say some things have been neglected. For instance, my never ending laundry pile. When I’m finally down to just one load to do I’m sure I’ll be old and gray.

I will let you know that the dishes ARE being washed as we speak. Thank the Lord almighty for dishwashers! That was a gift from the hubby for my last birthday. I’m still waiting for the gift of a person to come in and load the dishwasher for me, but I’ll take what I can get for now.

So yes, it’s late and I’m blogging. Too much chocolate at late hours will keep a person awake for long periods of time. You’d think I’d know this with all the late night chocolate munching I do, but I guess today was a rough day and I decided to eat an entire chocolate bar in one sitting (oh and they are NOT small, mind you). Hi my name is Jenica and I have a chocolate problem. I swear I’d be thirty pounds lighter if I could kick this habit of mine.

But I digress.

I’m writing to share about how wonderful my husband is to me. He brought me flowers TWICE for Valentine’s day. The first time was a couple of days before Valentine’s and on the day itself he brought me a dozen roses, chocolates, a bottle of wine, and two teddy bears. He’s perfect!! I know to some it’s not a big deal, but he hasn’t always been this romantic. I’d like to think that it was all the time I put into molding him and shaping him into a perfect husband, but that is FAR from the truth. He’s come this way on his own. We’ve been together for eight years now. I love him more and more each day. It has nothing to do with bringing me gifts and everything to do with him being a wonderful man.

(and to all of you photogs out there who will be wondering how I did this crazy effect on the rose. It’s a preset from adobe lightroom killer tips and can be found here )


Sometimes I have sessions where I plan out a particular photo that I really want. This was one of those sessions. I bought this prop with this exact photo in  mind. I was so excited when baby “J” cooperated for me. I will post more photos from this session later, but I couldn’t resist posting this one. He’s an absolute doll!!


I met Miss Jessica out in Clatsakanie, OR for her senior session. She had the coolest locations just minutes from her house. We started out on her families’ property and then moved on to an area that had a train track and a parked train. They have train tracks nearby their property and she used to walk along the tracks to get to town.

Jessica had really rad rocker chick hair. She’s totally artistic and it was fun thinking outside the box for photos that would go with her personality.

Thanks for letting me photograph you and I hope you enjoy your preview!!

check out those gorgeous eyes!!!