I met Miss Jessica out in Clatsakanie, OR for her senior session. She had the coolest locations just minutes from her house. We started out on her families’ property and then moved on to an area that had a train track and a parked train. They have train tracks nearby their property and she used to walk along the tracks to get to town.

Jessica had really rad rocker chick hair. She’s totally artistic and it was fun thinking outside the box for photos that would go with her personality.

Thanks for letting me photograph you and I hope you enjoy your preview!!

check out those gorgeous eyes!!!








  • Julie Cook

    aww, she looks like a TON of fun. LOve all of the bws of her…and the last one seems to be TOTALLY HER. Very fun. She does have gorgeous eyes. Gosh, I can’t even pick a favorite. Love them all and especially 3 4 6 and 7 and 8, What great pictures. πŸ™‚

  • She’s cute as can be. I love #1, #2 and #7. #1 has got to be my favorite.

  • Jamie

    Fun Fun Fun!! Love the track pic.

  • Loving #6! They’re all great, but that’s my favorite! Looks like a FUN session!

  • What an awesome session I love #6

  • Nydia

    Love the last one!

  • Jackie

    I’m jealous!! I keep hoping for some edgier/more artistic seniors to shoot. πŸ™‚ I am in love with #6. What an awesome location, and fun senior.

  • oh goodness! I love #3 and #4!!! These seem to totally depict who she is! Awesome job! Best Wishes to your future Jessica!

  • Sharon

    Nice work, Jenica. I especially like #5 & 6. Love those brown eyes.

  • WOW! Great shots Jenica! You always do great with seniors! Jessica these look fantastic and you look like tons of fun!!! Congrats on being a senior this year!

  • Mel Chern

    Jenica, you rocked this session and the location seems to totally match your model. Gorgeous pictures, I love them all. #1 is my favorite. I hope we see more of this gorgeous model in the future.

  • Mel Chern

    Jenica, you rocked this session and the location seems to totally match your model. Gorgeous pictures, I love them all. #1 is my favorite. I hope we see more of this gorgeous model in the future.

  • Melissa

    Wow, Jenica! Great session! Loving the feel of the ones on the tracks and with the train. Really cute girl! She looks like she was a lot of fun!

  • Wanda

    Jenica, your black and whites rock! Awesome session!

  • These are so cool! I love your fresh and fun style. Beautiful!

  • Iris Hicks

    Jessica I love your free spirited independent attitude. These are wonderful photos.

  • Amanda Hewitt

    I love #6! These are great shots of her!

  • These are soooo awesome Jenica!! She is so beautiful, and rocking the blue hair! I have pink hair, so it totally calls out to me. I absolutely love #1 and #3. I wish I was actually allowed to be “myself” when I got my senior pics done, but my Mom made me dye my hair a normal color to get them done *blah*, the next day I dyed it a nice bright flavine yellow. LOL. Of course, here I am years later, married, two kids, successful career and I still have wild pink hair.


  • Tara

    These are great photos, Jessica is beautiful.
    Mary Hegnes

  • patti m

    what a fun shoot!! love number 3

  • Dana

    Tara, Wow Jessica looks like her momma. Great pictures.

  • Too much fun! What a great location too! And no one can say that her senior images are typical–just look at her hair. Great images!

  • Tara aka mom

    Hair of blue, heart of gold! Jessica, these photos are awesome. It’s going to be so hard to chose. Love ya, my unique and wonderful daughter, Mom.

  • Jessica

    Jenica, you did amazing on these pictures. Thank you very much for putting up with me for a day=]
    If I ever need pictures in the future I know who to go to!

  • Zach Mercer

    These photos are absolutely stunning.
    I love her hair and she looks fabulous.

  • connie leinonen

    HI, I’m the grandma and I just love the photos. I thought you did an excellent job. Connie

  • Katherine

    She looks like a ton of fun, lots of personality. The blue hair is awesome, something she’ll look back at as an adult and really recall her teenage years. You only live once, so why not. My fav is the one on the tracks. Great job!

  • Cindy Dover

    …girl you are all about the composition! CREATIVE

  • Love these!!! Great job!

  • Such great shots – and such a beautiful subject! Wish I had had the nerve to get crazy hair in high school but I chose to blend in with the masses (how boring is that!).

  • I can only imagine how much fun you had with Jessica on this session, she looks amazing! What an opportunity! Love the results! Well done!

  • Debi Smiley

    Wow! Those turned out gorgeous. Jessica is absolutely stunning. I like the black and whites because they feature Jessica and her soft side through those beautiful caring eyes. However, I also like the full color pics because β€œagain” it shows Jessica and her individualism. My favorite is 6 in the BWs and 8 in the full color.

  • Amber

    Love these shots Jenica…it looks like you two gals had so much fun. Jessica, it’s great to see photo’s who really depict the person….shows your character, which by the looks of it must simply be AWESOME!!!

  • These are great, I love the train & track shots.

  • awesome captures.
    love no 3!

  • Roe

    I love all the photos but 1,3,6&8 are gorgeous, gorgeous – her eyes are magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cheryl

    She is so beautiful! The photography is wonderful. I can’t even pick a favorite. They are all so gorgeous! Sorry Tara – You’re just gonna have to get them all πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  • Linda &Keith

    wow Jessica!! Love your hair color for these fotos! YOU have lovely eyes**) who did your makeup? OK, Looking thru these with Keith, he likes #1 and #3 Linda likes #4 and loves #6! Their all so cool Jessica. Thanks for sharing them.

  • hazel

    fabulous photographs–would not have recognised you in all the photos but in 1 or 2 you are so like your mom. Love the style–a real “blue belle”

  • Grandma Britten

    My Dear Jessica, Loved all your pictures! Especially the train pictures.. Hard to pick which one. My pics are #3 and #4 and also #6. God Bless you on your exciting journey.Love Grandma B.

  • Uncle John

    Wow, farout hair! You rock, Jessica. Great pictures!

  • Aunt Angie

    Hey there. Great photography! I am loving all these pictures. Jessica, you have THE most BEAUTIFUL eyes, ever! They really pop in these pictures. You look like you had a blast. Congrats, Senior!! Very unique and very YOU! Love them!!!

  • Uncle John

    Wow, Jessica…farout hair! You rock!! Love the pictures, Uncle John.