Yes, it’s quite a bit after Valentine’s Day, but I’ve been busy. This week has been full of sick kiddos (and a sick hubby) so needless to say some things have been neglected. For instance, my never ending laundry pile. When I’m finally down to just one load to do I’m sure I’ll be old and gray.

I will let you know that the dishes ARE being washed as we speak. Thank the Lord almighty for dishwashers! That was a gift from the hubby for my last birthday. I’m still waiting for the gift of a person to come in and load the dishwasher for me, but I’ll take what I can get for now.

So yes, it’s late and I’m blogging. Too much chocolate at late hours will keep a person awake for long periods of time. You’d think I’d know this with all the late night chocolate munching I do, but I guess today was a rough day and I decided to eat an entire chocolate bar in one sitting (oh and they are NOT small, mind you). Hi my name is Jenica and I have a chocolate problem. I swear I’d be thirty pounds lighter if I could kick this habit of mine.

But I digress.

I’m writing to share about how wonderful my husband is to me. He brought me flowers TWICE for Valentine’s day. The first time was a couple of days before Valentine’s and on the day itself he brought me a dozen roses, chocolates, a bottle of wine, and two teddy bears. He’s perfect!! I know to some it’s not a big deal, but he hasn’t always been this romantic. I’d like to think that it was all the time I put into molding him and shaping him into a perfect husband, but that is FAR from the truth. He’s come this way on his own. We’ve been together for eight years now. I love him more and more each day. It has nothing to do with bringing me gifts and everything to do with him being a wonderful man.

(and to all of you photogs out there who will be wondering how I did this crazy effect on the rose. It’s a preset from adobe lightroom killer tips and can be found here )


  • If your hubby got you a dishwasher as a birthday present, he should buy you 5 valentine’s gifts… An appliance for a gift?… LOL Just joking… I used to think that it is a big NO-No, but now have a few things on my list too that are kitchen related that I would love to have as a b-day gift or any other type of gift.

    Hope your family gets well quickly.

  • Deanna Lemmons

    The photo is gorgeous and your husband must have had an amazing mother:) Tee Hee!!