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I can’t even describe how much I love this couple!!!! They had the coolest ideas for their engagement session and took me all around Portland to the places they love to visit. We went to Powells Bookstore (which takes up an ENTIRE city block and is beyond amazing). We even got special permission to photograph in the rare book room. The staff was INCREDIBLY accommodating and we even scored our own personal parking space. It was beyond cool!!!

We then ventured on to Voodoo Donuts where they enjoyed the famous “bacon maple” donut. It’s a maple bar with a slice of bacon on top. Seriously YUMMY!!! I bought a box of donuts myself to take home to the kiddos. They were pretty excited to have donuts with cereal on top.

And finally we ended up at the waterfront as the sun set down. It couldn’t have been more fun or more perfect.


Thank you so much Hilary and Barry for being amazingly awesome sauce.

Enjoy this little preview of our fun adventures!!





Sometimes sessions just make me smile. This family is too beautiful for words…..


My sweet adorable niece was born on January 9th. Her name is Lyra and she is absolutely perfect. I’m one lucky auntie to have such cute subjects right in my own family!!!

Congrats to my brother and sister in law. You guys make GORGEOUS babies!!! 🙂




Seriously could these girls be any cuter???

Do you or someone you know desperately want family photos but haven’t been able to afford them?? Did someone remarry and hasn’t had a chance to have new family photos? Is there a high school senior who works so incredibly hard and deserves a break?? Did someone get married a long time ago and never have any wedding pics? Did someone battle cancer and WIN?

I want to hear your stories!!

I know during difficult times photos are often the last things we think of spending money on, but yet it’s during tough times that we realize how important our family truly is. Photos are how we are able to freeze moments in time, how we’re able to remember our little babies being so small. Photos are how we can better remember certain times in our lives.

So without making things too complicated, please send me an email nominating someone you think deserves a free session. The person who I select will get a signature session plus $500 in prints and/or digital files.

I will accept emails until March 1st.  The only thing I require is a note explaining why a person or family should have beautiful photos. I will more than likely share the stories, so please nominate someone who would be willing to participate.

My email is


Please feel free to pass along this info. I want to give back to someone who truly deserves it.




This gorgeous couple got married five years ago and they have one adorable little boy. I’ve photographed their family a few times over the last few years. Some time ago we talked about them doing a “rock the dress” session. A couple months ago we finally booked the date and had a blast. My awesome friend Amber  joined me for the adventure. We got some amazing photos and I’m excited to finally share them!!!

It just goes to show that it’s never too late to have your wedding photos done!!

Thank you so much Autumn and Derek. You guys are awesome!!!