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I photographed Matt’s older sister’s wedding. Remember this couple. Yup, GOOD lookin genes in this family. And now Matt is marrying miss Amanda who is STUNNING.

Their wedding is in May and I’m the lucky gal who gets to document their big day!! We did their engagement session at their property where the wedding will be held. They’ve been renovating this old barn in preparation for the big day. It’s just perfect and I love how they incorporated it into their engagement session. SO MUCH FUN!!!

Thanks so much Amanda and Matt for letting me do your photos. You are awesome and it’s been so nice getting to know you!!




HEEELLLLOOO beautiful people. 😀


Love everything about this series!!


this needs to be big on your wall.

Seriously. FAVORITE!


okay wait, no maybe this one. I LOOOVVVEEE this one.


SOOOOO, life is crazy busy.  I often forget to take snaps of my kids (let alone share about them), but my main camera body broke, I bought a new one while I waited the repair of the old one. It came back yesterday and of course I just HAD to test it out on my kiddos. Not ideal lighting conditions, kids weren’t dressed for photos (in the slightest) but you know, I just didn’t care!!! I normally would put these in the “print later” pile of photos of my kids, but I want to keep things as real as possible here on my site. THIS is my life. These are my kids. Messy hair, two year old in diapers, and my middle child who refuses to be photographed, etc, etc. Too often I try to make things so perfect that I forget that life happens as it happens.

My aunt and uncle also introduced a new cousin into the world this last week and lucky for me I got to visit them and take a few photos!!! Of course, I MUST share how ridiculously cute she is!!!

So yeah, here’s randomness of my life the last couple of days (besides the normal sessions I do regularly)…


I asked my oldest to pose for the camera while I took some snaps (to test the camera) and she of course complied.

My youngest decided that he would pose the same way as big sister and this is what I got!!

Makes me laugh hysterically.

Of course they’re my kids so maybe you won’t laugh as hard, but it’s funny to me!!!


she has such amazing depth at only 8 years old.

Don’t even get me started at how scared I am for her to become a teenager. Oh holy cow I’ll need prayers!!!


my middle guy refused his photo be taken, but he did want me to take a picture of him golfing.

He almost broke a window with the swing after I took this. Darn kid has more talent in sports at four than I did in my entire life!


love his sweet face!!!


My new cousin!!!! I took a few pics of her at the hospital the day after she was born!! We’ll be doing her newborn session soon

so I’ll post more of her sweet face then!!!


After trying for kids for over ten years and deciding that they wouldn’t have kids, my uncle and aunt unexpectedly got pregnant.

It’s an absolute miracle, and watching them with their first baby just melts my heart. I love them dearly!!!


sweet sleeping bebe.

Makes me want another.

I’m seriously trying to shake off the “baby fever” since seeing her!


“hey dad! What’s happening?”

Anna and Michael are the cutest couple!!! When I first met them at their engagement session, I just knew their wedding would be a beautiful and fun occasion. Their wedding and reception was held at the Abernathy Center in Oregon City, OR. It was my first time photographing at this venue and let me tell you, it was AMAZING!!!

Add a gorgeous bride, a handsome groom in a perfect venue and you have perfection.

Thank you sooooo much for having me photograph your special day! I hope you enjoy the sneak peak!!

















am-1422 copy

This little guy was the smiliest newborn I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. He snoozed right through the entire session and was just perfect. We ended up with about ten photos just of smiles on top of all the other cute-ness. He was 12 days old on the day of our session and such a good baby!!!

Congrats K family on your new addition. He’s just perfect!!! Thank you so much for letting me do his first photos. It was my pleasure!!!


these makes me smile really big.

love it.


what a perfectly beautiful family


see, there he goes again!!! Love it when babies are so happy!!!



Huge canvas on the wall for sure!!!


peaceful and perfect.



whew. being a baby is tough.

These two were SOOOOOOOOO cute for their one year photos. I had so much photographing them and for one year olds, they were so well behaved and perfect.

We started their session with “regular” photos and then ended with a cake smash. I LOVE doing cake smash sessions as they’re just darn cute.

Enjoy the pics!!!


seriously, how cute are they???!!!!!


okay that smile and those pigtails…

yup, adorable.


“babes in swimsuits”

I love that the mama wanted photos of them in their suits for summer. Too incredibly cute!!!


and the cake smash!!!!!

My favorite!!!!