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Little miss K was a fighter, but we wore her out and she finally fell blissfully asleep. People always think that I have some magic touch with getting babies to sleep, but honestly it’s a lot of time and patience (and making baby comfy). Miss K was simply perfect.

Taking photos of precious little newborn girls is sure not helping me decide not to have any more kiddos. 😉

I hope you enjoy her sweet little self….


sb2I love tiny fingers and toes.

baby in a basket



isn’t she simply perfect?


okay, I’m sorry, I’m IN LOVE with the flowers lately.

I admit, I’m not a girly girl, but these little peanuts with the flower bands are too cute for words.

These little girls were absolutely perfect. When the mom called asking about a twin newborn session, I jumped up for joy!!! I figured it would be a challenge dealing with two little ones, but they were actually easier than my single newborn sessions!! It was the perfect session and I couldn’t be  happier with the results.

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. K for having me photograph your precious little girls. It was truly an honor!


my absolute favorite!

MM-2 copywmrs

the hug

MM-4 copywmrs

holding hands



pure sweetness


their first family portrait


I’ve tried with MANY newborns to try and get this shot, but this little miss was the very first that would cooperate.

She was such a dream baby.

blog2there’s no way this won’t make you smile 😉


the MIRACLE shot. I got the exact same pose with both twins and the miracle is they BOTH smiled.

I couldn’t have even planned it so perfectly!!!



Just a few days ago, our friend, Joey Gemar passed away in a horrible tragedy.

Both Derrick and I grew up with Joe and went to school with him for many years. I had many classes with him and always considered him a friend growing up. He always made everyone laugh and was as energetic as they come.

I took one single photo of him at a wedding  just a year and a half ago. At the time, Joey asked if I would take a picture of him since he didn’t have any professional pictures of himself since he graduated high school. Had I known what was to be, I would have taken a million more.

Thanks for always making us smile, Joey. We’ll see you on the other side.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Gemar family during this difficult time. If any of you need ANYTHING, just let me know.


This sweet little girl and her older brother came to visit me in the studio for her newborn photos. She was three weeks old and an absolute doll baby.





they are too perfect for words


little flower

My girl is now 7.5 years old. You can’t forget the .5 because you know, “mom, I’m seven and a HALF.”

Funny story:

I took her antique shopping with me one day since she got out of school early and I had  a session reschedule. We were browsing around and I said “make sure you’re VERY careful and don’t touch anything” Not two seconds later I was looking at an old box and all of the stuff inside fell out and made a huge noise. She then turned to me and said, “and you told ME not to touch anything??!!!”

Of course she said it pretty loud and the gal standing near us started laughing.

Yup, that’s my smarty pants. I love her SOOOOOOO much.


okay I realize I’m seriously biased, but she’s GORGEOUS.

there, I said it. 😉


trying not to giggle


okay she lost it


my favorite!


she gets her nuttiness from me. Poor thing. 😉


yes, I’m upside down. She thinks I’m funny.