My girl is now 7.5 years old. You can’t forget the .5 because you know, “mom, I’m seven and a HALF.”

Funny story:

I took her antique shopping with me one day since she got out of school early and I had  a session reschedule. We were browsing around and I said “make sure you’re VERY careful and don’t touch anything” Not two seconds later I was looking at an old box and all of the stuff inside fell out and made a huge noise. She then turned to me and said, “and you told ME not to touch anything??!!!”

Of course she said it pretty loud and the gal standing near us started laughing.

Yup, that’s my smarty pants. I love her SOOOOOOO much.


okay I realize I’m seriously biased, but she’s GORGEOUS.

there, I said it. 😉


trying not to giggle


okay she lost it


my favorite!


she gets her nuttiness from me. Poor thing. 😉


yes, I’m upside down. She thinks I’m funny.