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This guy is cool.

(Is cool even cool to say anymore? I don’t know. I’m getting old)

Anyway, Kyle has some awesome hobbies. He’s got motorcycles, skateboarding (long boards), four wheelers, and cars.

We did his senior photos out in Rose Valley at some pretty cool locations. We knew for sure we wanted pics of him with his motorcycle in the middle of the road, so we made sure to find a spot with very low traffic . I’m always about safety around here. After all, my hubby is the safety director at his work. If he knew I was operating in unsafe conditions, I’d be in trouble 😉

Thank you Kyle for letting me harass you with my camera for a few hours.

I hope you enjoy your pics!





totally love the funky conversions on these…


It seems as though lately I’m doing a lot of Kelso High Senior photos!

The last five sessions I’ve done have all been from Kelso High. It all works out since I’m a former Kelso student myself. Both my hubby and I graduated from Kelso High. Our parents even graduated from Kelso High. Heck, even our grandparents graduated from Kelso!

Dont worry though, I have nothing against Longview. Our daughter goes to a Longview school. I love both 😉

This beautiful gal met me out in Kalama for her mini-session. She is full of personality and a lot of fun to work with. Her mom came along for the session and was a great help holding my reflector. Usually I just perform gymnastics trying to hold it up in the proper position, so it’s nice to have help.  I’m looking in to hiring an assistant. As flexible as I am, it’s getting tiring trying to balance everything on my own.

Thanks Kelci for letting me do your senior photos. I hope you enjoy your preview!

Kelci senior photos



This beautiful young lady from Kelso High had her full senior session back in the fall. You can see those photos here .

She wanted some fun spring ones this time around so we had a quick 30 minute session. Sometimes the mini session works perfectly if you’re just needing a few shots to choose from.

Andrea is a really easy model to work with, so we got done in record time with plenty of photos. Thanks Andrea for being a perfect model.

I hope you enjoy your preview!!


This gorgeous gal was a blast to work with. She’s confident and just plain gorgeous. We spent our morning walking around downtown Kalama finding cool locations to photograph. Kalama is one of my absolute favorite locations to photograph Seniors. There is such a variety all within really quick walking distance from each other. For Marriah’s session we went with a combination of edgy, hip, and naturistic.

(is that a word?  If it’s not, then I just made one up).

Anyway, thanks so much for having me photograph you!! I hope you enjoy your preview.

As always comments are welcomed and appreciated!!





I had the pleasure of photographing this nice young man on Tuesday. He is friends with Thomas, one of my seniors from this fall.

We had fun hiking around and trying to find fun and unique locations to have his photos taken. He was fun and relaxed in front of the camera. It sure made my job easy!!

Thanks Damian for choosing me to do your photos. I hope you enjoy your preview!