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This gal is stunning!

I got a great variety of dramatic looks along with your “usual” senior photos. She was a joy to work with. Despite really cold weather, she didn’t complain.

We met in downtown Kalama and had fun going through the back alley ways to find the cool spots.

Thanks Kaari for a fun time. I hope you enjoy your preview!



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These kids were seriously perfect.

I don’t think I’ve ever photographed kids this well-behaved before. I kept teasing the mom about her amazing kids, but she reassured me that they aren’t always so perfect. I think my kids should learn some behavior skills from them. They are all simply beautiful and get along great with each other.

Thanks to the mom for this wonderful session. It totally made my day!!

look at this handsome little guy… doesn’t he just melt your heart??


and yes, she is as sweet as she looks.


She totally reminds me of my daughter. Very loving towards her siblings and she’s one smart cookie!


sb6wmrs1these last two are my absolute favorite images from this week.


Marriah is like family to me. She’s dating my husbands cousin, Nolan. Okay I know that seems kinda far removed, but our family is pretty close. We actually get together all the time. We (gasp) like each other. So I’ve hung out with Marriah quite a few times since they’ve been together.

Anyways, miss Marriah asked me to do her photos and I happily said “yes!”

She’s absolutely gorgeous and was a blast. Nolan came along too, so we got a few great shots of the two of them together.

I hope you enjoy your preview!


I LOVE these two in the pink….


My favorite of them together. Not my hubby’s favorite, so I posted others as well. He helps me narrow down my selections unless we disagree 😉



Okay, there’s something seriously in the water over in Kelso. These Kelso High seniors I’m photographing are amazing!!

Miss Kirsti is no exception. She and her mom met me out in Castle Rock for her senior photos. We had a blast in all the different locations we tried out. I think we all got worn out by the end of our time together, but it was sure worth it. I got some great photos. Thank you Kirsti for such a great time. I hope you enjoy your preview!





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