So most people assume that it’s easy for me to get good photos of my kids.

Let me be the first to tell you that it’s not.

I have literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos of “outtakes” of my kiddos. I can spend an hour with another child and get tons of smiles, and DAYS with my kids and get crazy reactions. Maybe it’s because they’ve been my test pilots over the years, or maybe it’s because I’m their mom.

Whatever it is, I’m not going to quit harassing them any time soon. They’ll just have to get used to it and I’ll just have to work even harder to get some good photos of them.

Here’s the latest of my efforts. I hope you enjoy 😉

Here’s my “Tinker.” We call him that because he’s a stinker (but it wouldn’t really be nice to call him stinker).

This is a very common reaction when mom pulls out the camera… “look mom, see what I can do?!”

You’d think being the baby, “Button” (as my hubby calls him), would be more cooperative… not so.

He’s already got that look.

And finally we have “Nuh Nuh” (yeah.. I don’t even know about that nick name… you’ll have to ask hubby)…

She’ll give a pretty face for maybe one out of ten photos. It usually takes bribery of all sorts to get her to work with me.

Here’s her being over-dramatic when telling me she doesn’t want any more pictures taken…

So yeah… there you have it. The truth behind all the lovely photos.

So don’t feel bad when you’re trying to take nice pics of your kids. It’s not just you.