Today Derrick and I will celebrate seven years of marriage together. I really can’t believe how time flies so quickly. Although at times it’s felt like a hundred years 😉

We’ve had our ups and downs over the years. We’ve been through the Army life, separations, moving, kids, and every other thing a couple goes through in marriage. There were times we didn’t think we would make it together, but God’s grace got us through.

I can honestly say that I married the best man. I’m not normally a mushy person, but when it comes to my husband, the father of my beautiful children; I can’t help but be mushy. I love him very much…

On July 14th, 2001 we got married in Carmel, California in a small ceremony on the beach. We had thirty five of our closest friends and family with us.

We ended up spending six years moving around the country and living in various different places. We moved an average of every six months. It was hard, but quite an exciting life! We had our daughter in San Angelo, Texas, our son in Honolulu, Hawaii, and our newest baby was born here in town. I am glad we got to have such an adventure in our first few years together.

Now we’re settled down In longview, Washington. I never thought I’d move back home, but after having kids, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than at home near our family.

So here’s to many more years of marriage!!!

I love you, Derrick.

Here’s us on our wedding day… (we look SO young… course we WERE young…)

Here’s a family pic when it was just us and our daughter…

Here’s when we added our first son to the family…

We haven’t done a family picture since the baby was born, but here’s a pic of the three kiddos recently….

  • Congrats Jenica! We’re almost up to one year, and I can’t imagine 7! You have a beautiful family, and sounds like a wonderful family!

  • Jenica, you have a beautiful family sweetie! Yes, you are so right about God’s grace! If it weren’t for His grace where would we be? I will be celebrating 31 years in September!

  • Jenny

    You have a gorgeous family Jenica! Congrat’s!

  • Congratulations to you and your hubby! You have a beautiful family and I’m glad to hear you’re still mushy over him! That’s how it should be! I’m still mushy at 27 years and going strong! Blessings to you and your family!

  • Jennilee

    Ahhh, look how young Derrick looks in the first photo…haha. I think mushy is a great way to be with your husband, especially after 7 years. I hope in that long Aaron and I are as strong and in love as you guys are!!!

  • Congrats!! I’ll be working on 9 years this year. Your right sometimes you think is it really that long, and sometimes it feels like we have been together forever. It great to see kids with Mom and Dad still together that love each other. Congrats again!!!

  • Jenica, What a delight to see your family!! Your 3 Lemondrops are adorable!!

  • Melea Bauer

    Ahhh this made me want to cry. So sweet and beautiful what you guys have to show for 7 years.

  • Andrea Nimmo

    Ahhhhh!!!! So stinkin cute!!!! I love this!!!! Congrats love! 7 years and still going strong! That’s what I love to see!