It was WAY harder to photograph my dad’s wedding than I thought it would be. Not because of the actual photo taking part, but because I’m not used to bawling behind the camera. Thank goodness I majored in theater in high school and college, otherwise I might have lost composure completely.

So how on earth do I write about the most amazing wedding?? I guess I’ll give you some back story. Since it’s my blog, I suppose I can ‘keep it real’ and give you my story.

Let’s back up about six months.

My dad was single. He had started to settle into a bachelor life and was happy spending time with his hobbies and playing with his grandkids. Then one day out of the blue he came over and said he wanted to chat. Now, I’m not gonna lie, I kinda freaked out and wondered what had happened. He had that strange serious look about him that made me think something was wrong. So we sat down with some coffee (our usual) and he began to ask what I thought about a particular gal he knew. When he mentioned her name he had this grin and a sparkle in his eye so I KNEW how he felt about her. I immediately squealed  “I LIKE HER  and you should date her!!!”  He laughed and we continued the conversation.

Let me back up a bit farther. My dad had a best friend for over twenty years. Six years ago he passed away after a car accident. It was really hard on his family and of course my dad. I had known them since I was really small and even babysat their kids.

The gal he was talking about was his best friends widow. And let me tell you she is PERFECT!!!

My dad found out that she had feelings for him through a mutual friend and he was asking me what I thought. Being the romantic that I am, I told him to call her and ask her to go to coffee or on a date with him. Not two hours later, I found out that he had called her and she had invited him over. He was as giddy as giddy can be and it was so fun to watch.

Fast forward a month later and they got engaged. A few months later was the wedding. They roll like my hubby and I. 😉 (we got engaged after six weeks and married a few months later. hehe)

There is so much more to this story that I don’t even have the writing skills to explain. Here’s the main theme. My dad and Pam are perfect for each other. Like seriously two peas in a pod perfect!!! I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that God brought them together. All of the pieces of every detail were practically laid out in front of them.

So Pam has four daughters, who are now my new sisters. My family is COMPLETELY ginormous now. Like huge. We won’t even begin to explain how many people I’m now related to on my side of the family and my husband’s side of the family or we would be here all night. In fact, if you’re still reading all of this instead of skipping to the photos, I seriously applaud you. I’m not a writer at all, so this is huge for me.


Husband and Wife were married in their backyard and they will live happily ever after!!

Whew, that was easier.

on to the photos!!!






Pam hugging my dad’s mom, and dad hugging Pam’s mom. I LOVE this photo.


our not so small immediate family 😀

(and yes, this is just kids and spouses and grand-kids LOL)


my absolute favorite!!!






I love these from the toast!!


off to the honeymoon!!

Thanks dad and Pam for everything. I love you both very much!!

  • Grandma Bernice

    Wow don’t know what to say i also had tears as it is so beautiful
    I am so happy for them you did a super job on writing and pictures of course. LOVE

  • Aunt Robin

    Wow Jenica!!! A beautiful couple, inside and out, and absolutely made for each other! Pam is such a welcome addition to our family. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks Jen – you made me cry too! (And I’m at work . . . not good.)

  • Pam

    Jenica you did wonderful!! I am so blessed to have you as a new daughter. Thank you honey.

  • Jessica

    I happen to stumble onto your site while looking for location ideas for a friend’s wedding next month and your Dad’s story caught my eye – it’s so sweet and completely made me tear up! I’ve known people that have found themselves in similar situations in their lives, and it’s wonderful that no matter what the circumstances are, for many people there is a second chance at love 🙂 I wish your Dad and his new wife all the happiness!