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The title says it all!!!

In the midst of my “I don’t get any sleep cuz I’m up late editing late every night” busy season, I figured since there’s NO possible way I’d catch up on blog posts that I’d post a whole bunch of favorites in one long post. So here’s a high school senior, a family session,  and two engagement sessions all in one post!

Exciting, right??!!!!!

I keep saying that “once things slow down I’ll post more” but so far it hasn’t happened yet. I feel soooooo incredibly blessed that people keep calling and keep booking. I figured they’d get to know my crazy silly self and eventually people would stop calling. But NOOOOOOO, God is amazing and has kept my business growing and thriving. He is amazing and I don’t even deserve it. Though busy, my life is perfect.


Happy Wednesday!!


Totally awesome engagement session!!!! They’re the sweetest couple and I’m photographing their wedding in October!!!

(and hellooooo awesome location)

ablog2love these!!


aren’t they perfect??!!!!

ablog1I seriously LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOVVVEEEE these.

“fantastic” doesn’t even cover it.

bloglaurenGorgeous high school senior gal!!!

bloglauren1okay not fair to be this beautiful!!!!

bloglauren2I’m not being biased because I’m not related, but seriously, she’s amazingly gorgeous.

Don’t you think so???

kblog3Another October wedding couple!!!

These two are absolutely amazing. I adore them!!!


It was supposed to rain that day, but someone was watching out for us and gave us a BEAUTIFUL day!!!


dunno why, but these are my favorite!


I LOVE these!!

(like seriously big puffy heart love these)


okay no really, could he be cuter???


nope, didn’t think so.


5WAY cute.


it’s not fair to be this well coordinated and such a cute family.

LOVE their clothes.

and them for that matter,

they’re just cool people.


again, too perfect. 😉