A couple of weeks ago we took the kids out to the pumpkin patch to get their pumpkins. It’s a Lemmons’ family tradition and we go rain or shine. Thankfully it was a nice day when we went and we didn’t have to bring our umbrellas. Our local pumpkin patch has a hay ride, a petting zoo, and of course “pick your own pumpkins.”

We laughed so hard when Mr. I (my middle son) picked a green one and declared it his pumpkin. I guess he wanted to be different.

So in honor of Halloween today, here’s some photos of our adventure…

pumplkinblog1I love the colors of these!

pumkinblog2my tiny guy is such a ham!

er pumpkin. 😉

punkinblog3Mr. I stopped for me for one photo. That was it, that’s all I got of him.

punkinblog4Miss K is a pumpkin picking pro. She informed us that the closer the lines are together, the more seeds the pumpkin has!

who knew?!!


Mr. I’s “smile” absolutely kills me!!!

and check out his fabulous pumpkin. Gotta love that little boy!


the cousins!