Here’s my attempt # 4,598 of trying to get a nice photo of the three of my children together. Of course them taking direction from their photographer mom is like herding cats into a pool.

So of course I tried to get them to sit still and these photos are what happened.

THIS is exactly how they are, just being kids.

It’s perfect.


somehow saying “okay kids, sit down right here” translates into “mom said I could jump on top of you”


notice how the baby is laughing at them thinking he’s in the clear


he was wrong


don’t worry, he was okay


sweet success!!!

Not technically perfect, but they are all looking and smiling.

  • Grandma B.

    Jenice they are perfect thats what kids are supposed to do Play
    Wonderful pictures love them

  • Ashley Sullivan

    These pictures had me laughing hysterically! Your captions helped too! So great Jenica!