This is what we call it when a photographer loves a photo reguardless of the technical details. This particular photo I love despite the fact that Mr. D had dirt all over his face. Yes TECHNICALLY I should clean it off. But the mom in me says it’s “oh so cute.”

Mommy goggles are great when your kids are doing things that you’d rather them not do. Like eating messy popsicles.  Without mommy goggles you’d say “oh you’re making a mess, be careful with that!” With mommy goggles you do crazy things like sit there with a camera and watch as the syrupy liquid just rolled down his arm all the while taking photos of him getting a sticky mess all over him.

Yup, mommy goggles. The things that our kids do that are not so exciting to others, but we think are just the cutest things in the whole world.

So here’s Mr. D. Dirty face and all.

And I’m wearing my mommy goggles.

mommy goggles