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yes, that’s my laundry pile and yes, that’s my daughter jumping on it. My son is getting ready to jump off the couch onto the pile while the baby squeals with delight.

(don’t worry, no children were harmed during the laundry jumping fiasco)

ahhh life is good….

I had the pleasure of photographing the “G” family at their home in Rose Valley in Kelso. They perfectly coordinated their clothes and looked fabulous! I love when families dress similar but aren’t matchy matchy. Kids wearing matching clothes are cute but I personally don’t care for it when the mom, dad, and kids wear the exact same santa sweater (weirds me out). Okay, anyway… this family was perfect!

Thanks for hiring me to photograph your family. The rest of your pictures will be up in a few days. I hope you enjoy your preview!

A few days ago I did a lifestyle session for the “C” family at their house and then we went to a tree farm. It was a full service U-pick tree farm complete with Santa Clause and hot chocolate. It was so fun to be able to capture this time with them. We had quite the adventure hiking around trying to find that “perfect” tree.

I first photographed little baby “b” when he was just a month old. Some of you might remember my favorite photo of him all wrapped up on their couch. He’s the cutest little guy. He’s grown so much in the past few months it’s amazing. He’s now six months and cute as ever.

I just love this family. They’re always up for adventure and willing to have me along. It was a perfect session.

Thanks for hiring me and I hope you enjoy your preview! The rest of your photos will be finished and will be in your gallery in a few days.

the cutest little tree topper…

meeting Santa…

his face cracks me up…

soooo cute!!

I first photographed this little one when she was just five months old. Now she’s almost two!! I can’t believe how much time has flown. Now here she half grown. She’s absolutely adorable. I had a good time photographing her and her family at their home in Longview.

I hope you enjoy the preview!!

*sorry about the annoying watermark. I recently had someone steal photos from my site so now I have to be extra cautious. Darn people… don’t they know that stealing is wrong?!

anna and her family

peek a boo!

she totally cracks me up!

I did a quick mini session with these adorable girls out at their family property in Longview. They were brave little souls and endured the freezing weather just an hour before it started raining. Thankfully we caught the good weather and were able to do photos outdoors. I had fun processing these and they have a sort of vintage feel. It was a great session!

I hope you enjoy your preview…

and just for fun!

and a few cards…