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I met the R family out in Kelso for a fun (and REALLY cold) family portrait session. They are old family friends and Mrs. R is quite the photographer herself. We have traveled the world together as our husbands were both in the Army together. We were stationed in South Korea at the same time as well as in Hawaii. My middle son (mr. I) is 10 days older than her oldest daughter Miss N. My tiniest son (mr. D) is 8 days older than her Miss K. How weird is that?!!!

We’ve already decided it’s going to be a pre-arranged marriage for both of them since we already like the in-laws. Mr. I kept talking about Miss N, so we think they might decide to get married on their own anyway. Wishful thinking, right?!!

Anyway, they were adorable and quite the troopers when the temperature was only 20 degrees outside. Thank goodness for hot chocolate bribes 🙂









In case things look weird around here, please bear with me. I’m making some changes to my site. Hopefully everything will be running smoothly soon.  And please, if you like or don’t like something please leave me a comment. I wanna know how it’s going.

Thanks and have a happy day in the snow!

I took mister I and mister D to a park play date with my good friend and her boys. I haven’t played with my camera in awhile (other than sessions) so I wanted to get some pics of mister I and his best buddy. We get together as often as we can (weather permitting) so our boys can run off some steam together. They’re quite the pair. Always wanting to play baseball and fight. I didn’t get any pics of mister D since he was napping in his stroller. I’ll have to take some of him tomorrow.

shooting the breeze…






my serious kid… seems like every time I point the camera in his direction….


Miss N was able to get a smile out of him!


Miss N and Mister T!


my mom made these awesome hats for my friends.  Aren’t they cute?!!!



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thanks and have a wonderful snowy day!!!

It was a beautiful wedding!!

Nathan and Melody tied the knot on November 29th, 2009 in Longview, Washington at The Living Word church. Their reception was held at the expo center here in town.  Melody and I went to school together way back in the day at Kelso High School. Go class of 2000!! She and I were in choir together (along with my hubs, Derrick).

She made the most gorgeous bride. I’m so happy for the two of them to start their life together. Can’t wait till you have some kiddos. Of course that’s just me being selfish so I can have more playmates for my own kids 😉

It was a perfect wedding with two people who are very obviously in love. Congrats to the happy couple!!

I’ll be posting more photos in about a week or so. Please stay tuned.

Make sure you make a comment to the couple wishing them a happy life together….

melody's wedding dress


melody getting ready
















Here’s a little of information about copyright.

Any image that I produce is copyrighted by me, Jenica Lemmons. Sometimes I’ll allow people the right to reproduce my images by selling them a cd or a file. Though they can print them, they don’t have copyright on them.

Scanning, saving, downloading, right clicking, screen printing, and copying my photos are all against the law. The reason I watermark my photos is to try and prevent people from taking my images without my consent. Now I don’t want to be a big ol meanie about it, but photography is my way to earn a living. I work very hard at what I do and really don’t like people taking advantage of me.

I want to add that I love my clients. Most of them have become good friends of mine and for the most part people have been WONDERFUL to work with. There are just a few stinkers in the bunch that might not make it on Santa’s “nice” list this year.

As far as sharing photos online, I don’t mind people using watermarked images for their sites, facebook, myspace, etc, but just please ask me first. I will happily provide you with images for those purposes.

I just hope the people I work with will choose to do the right thing. There will always be those people who choose to be dishonest. Those people will choose to ignore that gut feeling they get when they’re doing something they shouldn’t. Please don’t be that person.

If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. You can even comment below if you’d like.

and of course a post on a photography blog is useless without pictures. Here’s one of Miss K showing us all how she feels about copyright infringement.