Here’s a little of information about copyright.

Any image that I produce is copyrighted by me, Jenica Lemmons. Sometimes I’ll allow people the right to reproduce my images by selling them a cd or a file. Though they can print them, they don’t have copyright on them.

Scanning, saving, downloading, right clicking, screen printing, and copying my photos are all against the law. The reason I watermark my photos is to try and prevent people from taking my images without my consent. Now I don’t want to be a big ol meanie about it, but photography is my way to earn a living. I work very hard at what I do and really don’t like people taking advantage of me.

I want to add that I love my clients. Most of them have become good friends of mine and for the most part people have been WONDERFUL to work with. There are just a few stinkers in the bunch that might not make it on Santa’s “nice” list this year.

As far as sharing photos online, I don’t mind people using watermarked images for their sites, facebook, myspace, etc, but just please ask me first. I will happily provide you with images for those purposes.

I just hope the people I work with will choose to do the right thing. There will always be those people who choose to be dishonest. Those people will choose to ignore that gut feeling they get when they’re doing something they shouldn’t. Please don’t be that person.

If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. You can even comment below if you’d like.

and of course a post on a photography blog is useless without pictures. Here’s one of Miss K showing us all how she feels about copyright infringement.

  • Clara

    Maybe you shouldnt put pictures on your blog because no matter how many nice people there are in the world there are those you are as you say stinkers. I think that you should realize that not everyone knows about the copyright laws and maybe does not realize that they are doing wrong also. It is a good thing that you made people aware of that. You are a great photographer and should not be discourage by this.