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I met this gorgeous gal out in Kalama for her senior photos. We got lucky with the weather and the sky was perfectly overcast (a photographer’s dream). We had fun hanging out on the alley ways of downtown Kalama. She was a dream to photograph. She’s absolutely gorgeous and her eyes are amazing!!!

I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!!

this one is my husband’s favorite. He wanted me to let everyone know that it was his idea to crop it like this. I think he did a pretty good job 🙂

Here’s little mister J and his family. He’s one of my favorite little guys. He’s always so sweet and such a ham. I met up with them in Longview at their family’s gorgeous home. The backyard was perfectly landscaped and picture perfect. I loved this location!!

Thanks so much for letting me photograph your family.

I hope you enjoy your preview…

He’s just perfect!!!

this is my fav from the session. It’s little “J” and his Grandma. I just love their expressions!!

We went out to my brother and sister-in-laws place for a lazy Sunday afternoon. My kiddos had a blast playing on their property. They picked flowers and played in the leaves. Declan got to crawl around on the gravel – he thought that was pretty cool. It was unusually warm for November (and not to mention dry) so I decided to snap some outdoor pics of the kids. I think they tolerated me fairly well this time since I haven’t bugged them for photos since Halloween. I didn’t get any smiles from Mr. I, but at least he would look at me without crying. In hindsight I should have tried to get a pic of them together.I think my kids will be the only kids in the history of the world with more photos of them individually than of them together…

this cost me a piece of candy. Yes, I do pay her for her modeling work 😉

Isaac and his uncle nate (my brother)

he sat down on the fence like this on his own. We were teasing that we needed to re-do this one when he’s a senior.

his poor little pants kept falling down, so I caught a snap of him pulling them up..

he’s such a happy lil guy…

mmm… moss is yummy….

I met the G family at their house in Kelso for an in-home studio session. Normally I do outdoor photos for kids over six months, but after three days of non-stop rain, it just wasn’t going to happen! So we set up shop in their living room.

It was crazy trying to wrangle the three of them to get photos, but amazingly we managed. They seemed to have a good time, even though I tortured them with goofy faces and crazy sounds. All in all I think it was a success!

I hope you enjoy the preview!

This family was full of laughs and full of fun. I met up with them at the usual spot at Lake Sacajawea here in Longview. We originally planned on meeting up at Silverlake in Castle Rock, WA, but the weather had other plans. We almost got rained out, but we managed to sneak in a session in-between rain showers. It worked out perfectly.

The G family was great to photograph. Their kids are hysterical. Their little boy is just a few weeks older than my Little D-man. He was so cute!! Their little girl’s spit fire personality reminded me of my middle guy. She was hysterical and always trying to get me to laugh.

Thanks so much for a fun session!

I hope you enjoy your preview….