I met the G family at their house in Kelso for an in-home studio session. Normally I do outdoor photos for kids over six months, but after three days of non-stop rain, it just wasn’t going to happen! So we set up shop in their living room.

It was crazy trying to wrangle the three of them to get photos, but amazingly we managed. They seemed to have a good time, even though I tortured them with goofy faces and crazy sounds. All in all I think it was a success!

I hope you enjoy the preview!

  • Aunt Dana

    Great pictures of the kids, Gunnar looks especially cute with his football it captures his personality. Macy and Royal look beautiful as always with their blue eyes.

  • Emily West

    Wow! Great pictures. Your little man is a stud and your girls are beautiful. I love them all and wouldn’t get rid of any of them. 🙂

  • Melinda Darr

    These pictures are awesome. The kids don’t look like they are being forced to pose or are uncomfortable.

  • Jori

    These are great Karen! I can’t believe how big they are 🙂

  • Kara Jorgensen

    Nice pics!! ..and very cute kiddos!

  • Amy Hoggatt

    What cute pictures! I love the one with mom and the kids. They all look so natural.

  • katie gersen

    your kids are darling (love the future hilander football player pic)
    i really love the picture of you with the kids- thats a special shot

  • Emily Carlson

    Very cute! I cannot believe that how big Royal is getting. They are cuter than ever. I really like the last picture of all of you. Great job on the pictures Jenica!

  • katie gersen

    darling pictures- (love the future Hilander football player)
    I really love the pic of you and the kids- that is a very special shot

  • Michelle B

    Love the pic’s!!! Your children are adorable. Macy looks like she needs to be in a GOT MILK commercial and Gunnar looks tough in the football one. I really love the last pic’s of all of you it’s so real and not staged!!!!

  • Julie

    Beautiful photos! The seem to capture who the kids are. Thanks for sharing!

  • Don & Joy Grafton

    I love this modern technology. The grand kids look great.

  • Bridgette

    They are beautiful! Love, Grandma Bridgette

  • Dea-na Rinck

    What a beautiful family!! The kids are adorable. The pictures are awesome.

  • Jamie

    These are great! They turned out so natural and still look professional. I really like the last picture! Thanks for sharing!

  • Christe

    OMG – these are beautiful pictures!! What adorable kids and I really love the picture with the momma and her babies :).

  • Blaine

    Adorable! I can hardly believe how big they are getting. In home photography…what a great service to provide.

  • Kathlene

    They are darling! My favorite one is the one of Macy with her hair blowing! Look out…she has already captured the MODEL look! 🙂 And I have to agree with everyone else…the one of all of you is so natural, very sweet. Thanks for sharing!

  • Dee

    Beutiful pics!!! Those kids are growing up all too fast…

    Better watch out, you’re gonna be chasing the boys down the street with a broom to keep them away from that little MacyJoy!

  • great work!! i love the last one, its my fav!

  • Josey

    They are all sooo good. I love the ones of gunnar! He crackes me up!! And the girls look beautiful like always! 🙂

  • Tony

    you have the most beautiful children i have ever seen!! they look like professional models!! good thing they look JUST LIKE ME!!! i wish you would have gotten another one of you and the kids one with all looking at the camera but they are beautiful!!

  • Katherine

    Your kids are amazing and gorgeous! The eyes on little Royal are stunning! Your gonna be beating them off with a stick in 15 yrs!

  • Vu Tinh

    Wonderful Photographs! They really captured a sense of personality to your children. Beautiful family. Thank You for sharing.

  • Uncle John

    Cute kids. How in the world did you get Guns to hold still long enough to take these great pictures!

  • Great Aunt Jenny

    Great pictures. They all look so much alike and are adorable! I think your idea about the names, etc to hand out would be awesome. Send me your kids full names and birthdates as well as Dana’s kids. I think I have them all, but want to make sure they are right. I will work on this (in my spare time)!

  • What a cutie little football lovin’ boy! Great captures!

  • Jenni Gallagher

    So beautiful. Your children are precious, Tony & Karen! Thanks so much for sharing the photos. Have a wonderful holiday season….

  • Erin

    WOW! These are such great pictures!!! I better be getting some of these =)

  • Aunt Julie

    What memories to cherish…..can’t wait to see them hanging up in your home.

  • Lori

    You have a great family, The kids are beautiful. Love the one with Mom.

  • Susan Gann

    I love them Karen! They are wonderful… Love the one of Royal with her bright blue eyes, and Macy with her hair blowing, and Gunnar leaning over the football helmet. Thank you for sharing… Susan

  • Holy crap, I was just scrolling down forever to get to the comment box. lol. Guess everyone loved the photos 😉 And with good reason! They are just wonderful! Adorable kids and just beautiful photos! 🙂

  • Alex Grumbois

    These pictures really show your children’s personalities! i love all of them and can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Breta Grumbois

    Your children could be models! I love the one with Karen and the kids. I wish I would have taken a picture like that with my beautiful daughter before she grew into an even more beautiful woman!

  • Tooth Fairy

    Look at all those beautiful baby teeth! I can’t wait until I get to visit those pillows!

  • H Peck

    Beautiful “G” Family! Happy New Year!

  • kalena and sarah

    love them aww so cutee