This little guy was an absolute dream baby!!!

He hardly fussed and slept almost the whole time. According to his parents, he’s a pretty calm little guy. He only fusses when he’s messy or hungry (boy did they get lucky).

It’s no secret that newborns are my favorite subjects. I think it’s because my three are all out of the baby stage now and it’s so precious to hold a new baby and photograph them. This stage goes by so quickly and as a parent you don’t quite realize it until they’rebigger. Photos are the only way to freeze that time.

Okay, okay, I won’t get all emotional about photos and how much they mean to me. I’ll save that sob story for later. 😉

I hope you enjoy this little preview of Mr. N…..

newborn baby photography - baby in bootsthese made my heart melt. Mama brought these little booties for the little man and they were absolutely adorable!


the new family 😀

(okay and isn’t mom just gorgeous?? seriously, NOT fair to be that pretty)

sbblog3caught some smiles!



I don’t know why, it just is.

sbblog5check out this little pouty lips!!!!!