Quick sneak peak for this lovely young lady from Mark Morris High School. We met up at the lake to start out with and then hit up some other fun locations around town for her senior portrait session. We feared rain all week, but it ended up being a a perfect (yet chilly) day!!

Thanks for having me do your senior pics and I hope you enjoy the preview!



I LOVE this one. Nothing like a little bit of wind to make this photo amazing!


nblog5Perfect example of excellent outfit choices!! Simple, colorful, and perfect!


My absolute favorite!!

  • She is so beautiful! Seriously great shots Jenica! I am sure she will be THRILLED!

  • Kylie

    Wow, what a gorgeous girl! She has stunning eyes. Great pics Jenica!

  • Andrea Recla

    Jenica…these are georgous! Look at those eyes…this girl is beautiful 😀 Great Job!

  • Amanda McDougall

    Jenica, this girl is so gorgeous! You did an amazing job as always, I love how you captured so many different styles and some great serious faces and some genuine smile shots also! I bet she LOVES these!

  • Oh my! These are gorgeous Jenica!! She’s going to LOVE these! The “wind” one and the last one are my absolute FAVORITES! 🙂

  • GREAT shots!!! VERY pretty senior you had there.
    They look great. I would be sooo happy with these.
    I wish I would have had shots like this when I was a senior in high school. Gah

  • Kelly S

    Wow Jenica! Awesome stuff here, these totally rock! They obviously knew what they were doing when they hired you 🙂 I love the composition & lighting & colour on these!!!

  • These rock Jenica! Mom will have a hard time picking from these. Great job

  • These are great! She’s gorgeous! You got some killer shots and great locations!

  • Good grief! These are really awesome! I love the one where the wind caught her hair and the top three with the fall colors behind her. To top it off, she’s stunning! Seniors today look nothing like seniors when I was one!!!

  • Fantastic shots! LOVE her eyes! These are all so amazing… beautiful girl!